Shipping Infomation for Brazil

Shipping Time

Currently, surface mail (sea) is the only available shipping method for orders to Brazil.
・The estimated shipping time is 60-90 days but may take longer due to uncontrollable circumstances.
・ Due to the long shipping time, we strongly recommended against ordering any food products or a large quantity of items with expiration dates such as medicine, sunscreen, supplements, etc.

Please Note: Surface mail shipments that cannot be delivered will be abandoned and are NOT eligible for a refund.
・Please keep an eye on the tracking information, which will show any delivery exceptions. If the package is held at the post office, contact your local post office to schedule pick up or redelivery. Packages that are unclaimed and exceed the holding period at the post office will be abandoned and are not eligible for a refund.
・If the package was refused entry by local customs, a full refund will be available (documentation required).

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and long shipping time.
This situation is expected to be temporary and once airmail shipping to Brazil has resumed, we can start shipping by air again.

Customs Information

For more information on customs procedures/fees, prohibited items, etc., please contact your local customs agency.


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