Beware of Suspicious Websites, Emails and Social Media Accounts That Pretend to be DOKODEMO!

We would like customers to be aware and be careful of fraudulent websites (FAKE Websites)/ apps, “fake” emails and “fake” social media accounts that claim to be our EC platform, DOKODEMO. These sites have often plagiarized our company name, product images, company description and other company information without permission and have created fraudulent sites with the same/similar names to potentially scam customers. We have so far received a number of inquiries relating to fraudulent, fake sites.

We confirm that these websites have absolutely NO connection to our EC platform and we ask all customers to be careful not to place any orders, make payments or enter personal information on these websites.

To avoid being scammed, please always double check these following points:

  • Does the DOKODEMO logo match?
  • Is the site URL or domain correct/match?
  • Is the domain of the email address correct/match?
  • Is the SNS account name or URL correct/match?

Official Logo


Official DOKODEMO EC Platform Sites are as follows.

We only sell products through the following URLs.
Traditional Chinese Site
Simplified Chinese Site
English Site

Official Email Addresses (Domain)

We only send emails to our customers using the following domains:
(Domain = the part of an email address that comes after the @ symbol)

Official Social Media Accounts

We only send information to our customers only through the following Social Media accounts.

Facebook Accounts:
Traditional Chinese Version @dokodemo.hant
Simplified Chinese  Version @dokodemo.hans
English Version @dokodemo.en
Instagram Accounts:
Traditional Chinese Version dokodemo.hant
Simplified Chinese  Version dokodemo.hans
English Version dokodemo.en
Wechat						dokodemo_world
Twitter @dokodemo_world
Pinterest @dokodemo_hant
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