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500 Point Gift Campaign

Target Audience:
First 4,000 Customers to pay with PayPal.

Campaign Period:
※ Campaign ends upon reaching target number of customers.

Campaign Rules:Customers who used PayPal for purchases during the campaign period will receive
500 DOKODEMO points.

How Points are Awarded:Points will automatically be awarded two weeks following the purchase shipment from Japan.


  • ※ Campaign participation is limited to one time per customer.
  • ※ Please view your "My Page" to check if you have won.
  • ※ Points granted during this campaign are limited to 60 days.

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      This Month’s Special Feature on Japan

      MILBON, Salon Quality Experience the Difference

      MILBON, Salon Quality Experience the Difference

      Experience the quality of MILBON, a hair care series that leaves you feeling as if you’ve just stepped out of the salon.
      The creators of MILBON are researching different hair types everyday to help more and more people realize their true beauty.
      Incorporating the latest technological advances, with a focus on quality, safety, and comfort, MILBON strives to help people everywhere achieve their most beautiful selves.
      You too can get amazing, salon-quality results with this world-famous Japanese salon brand—in your own home!

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      DOKODEMO Hokkaido Expo! Nothing but Deliciousness!

      DOKODEMO Hokkaido Expo! Nothing but Deliciousness!

      Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan, is home to some of the country's most delicious food! Every time a Hokkaido Food Festival comes around, there are always lines of fans from all over Japan!
      We at DOKODEMO want all our customers to experience the delicious taste of Hokkaido's local specialties as well!
      With that thought in mind, we’ve gathered our favorite foods from Hokkaido: Shiroi Koibito, Royce Chocolate, Jaga Pokkuru, and ramen, just to name a few.
      This is one chance you won’t want to miss!

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      Be Captivated by its Storage Capacity<br> anello®

      Be Captivated by its Storage Capacity

      With its great design and storage capacity that exceeds its affordable price, anello® brand bags are a huge hit with the female college students and mothers in Japan.
      Their expansive collection of designs utilizes various materials to suit everyone, regardless of gender, age, or style.
      The popularity of anello® stems not only from its designs, but also from its “more than meets the eye” storage capacity! We recommend this bag not only for those living in Japan, but also for customers around the world.

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      2017 DOKODEMO Top <br>Products Ranking!

      2017 DOKODEMO Top
      Products Ranking!

      Thank you for your patronage during 2017!
      To bring a close to this year, we’ve ranked our top selling products according to the following categories: overall best, product category, and merchant.
      1st Place goes to….

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