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      This Month’s Special Feature on Japan

      Be Captivated by its Storage Capacity<br> anello®

      Be Captivated by its Storage Capacity

      With its great design and storage capacity that exceeds its affordable price, anello® brand bags are a huge hit with the female college students and mothers in Japan.
      Their expansive collection of designs utilizes various materials to suit everyone, regardless of gender, age, or style.
      The popularity of anello® stems not only from its designs, but also from its “more than meets the eye” storage capacity! We recommend this bag not only for those living in Japan, but also for customers around the world.

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      Get LIMITED items at DOKODEMO!

      Get LIMITED items at DOKODEMO!

      Express your individuality!

      Our special Japan-limited products are currently in high demand.
      SK-Ⅱ, Clé de Peau Beauté, HABA, Saborino and other famous brands, we have it all.
      We have limited designs, colors, and even region specific items!
      There are so many specialties unique to Japan.
      Get yours before they’re sold out!
      Don't miss out!

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      2017 DOKODEMO Top <br>Products Ranking!

      2017 DOKODEMO Top
      Products Ranking!

      Thank you for your patronage during 2017!
      To bring a close to this year, we’ve ranked our top selling products according to the following categories: overall best, product category, and merchant.
      1st Place goes to….

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      Popular on instagram!? Check out these hot items!

      Popular on instagram!? Check out these hot items!

      DOKODEMO, the online shop that is loved worldwide!
      Recently, loads of our photos have been posted on Instagram!!
      Thank you so much!!
      We are delighted by everyone's wonderful photos! ♪
      Here are some of the items which are gaining popularity on Instagram!Which product do you think will be the most popular?
      Why not #dokodemo and let others know your favorite products?

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