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      This Month’s Special Feature on Japan

      Cup Noodles, <br>The Pride of Japan!

      Cup Noodles,
      The Pride of Japan!

      With the addition of just a little boiling water and look, there you go! Japan’s revolutionary instant noodle product, Cup Noodles! Now even on those busy nights you can enjoy the healing power of warm soup. Not only do we carry Ramen but also Yakisoba and Harusame Noodles which put a smile on the faces of women who are dieting.
      There are various special Instant Noodle varieties available as well at DOKODEMO. Authentic Ramen is a must try!

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      DHC is a Brand that is<br>Loved Worldwide!

      DHC is a Brand that is
      Loved Worldwide!

      DHC from Japan is a forerunner in the health and supplement industry boasting high quality and safety with a low price point.
      It is a brand that while supporting daily health, does away with the image of expensive health foods. Their motto is, if they can’t provide better quality than other companies they will not make the product.
      DHC provides a wide range of supplements to support health from diets and preventative health for lifestyle habits, to daily replenishment with minerals and multivitamins.

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      Face Mask Feature <br>for Women in their 20's

      Face Mask Feature
      for Women in their 20's

      Turning 25 is also said to be the turning point for women's skin care!
      Infact, haven’t you noticed your skin becoming more sensitive due to the changing of the seasons?
      We have a special feature with a full collection of great moisturizing masks for those who go the extra mile to take care of their skin!
      For those modern women who are extremely busy, let’s take a minute to charge our skin with a moisturizing mask!

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      To Keep Their Shape <br>During the Holiday Season!

      To Keep Their Shape
      During the Holiday Season!

      With the new season comes new and fresh foods! In Japan it’s called “食欲の秋, Shoku yoku no Aki” which refers to the appetite we develop in Autumn during the holiday season. Even though it is the holidays, we still want to keep our shape!
      Although we want to enjoy delicious foods, something must be done about our pudgy belly!
      Girls always want the same thing, don’t we?
      We have a diet supplement to introduce to you for those times when you have an unexpected late dinner, or eat a lot of snacks without thinking!

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