500 Point Gift Campaign

Target Audience:
First 4,000 Customers to pay with PayPal.

Campaign Period:
2017/10/24 START
※ Campaign ends upon reaching target number of customers.

Campaign Rules:Customers who used PayPal for purchases during the campaign period will receive
500 DOKODEMO points.

How Points are Awarded:Points will automatically be awarded two weeks following the purchase shipment from Japan.


  • ※ Campaign participation is limited to one time per customer.
  • ※ Please view your "My Page" to check if you have won.
  • ※ Points granted during this campaign are limited to 60 days.

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      This Month’s Special Feature on Japan

      Already a Standard Countermeasure for Japan!

      Already a Standard Countermeasure for Japan!

      Every year during the winter in Japan, there are popular winter items. Hasn't the thought passed your mind... if only I could move around during the day in my favorite blanket!

      Groony will fulfill your wishes!

      Groony keeps the warm in, and the cold out with specially developed "Groony Fibers". Not only is Groony warm, but also soft to the touch with a popular design. Even if you go abroad you can buy Groony at DOKODEMO!

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      Peace of Mind! <br> Wakodo Baby & Kid Food!

      Peace of Mind!
      Wakodo Baby & Kid Food!

      Although you’re busy, you want to feed your child safe and nutritious food, right? Introducing "Wakodo," a company which prides itself on top-quality food for babies and children.
      The first company to produce powdered milk and baby food in Japan, Wakodo is well revered as a company which puts your child’s healthy growth at the forefront.
      From full meals to snacks, Wakodo has a wide range of products to select from; search for the perfect food now!

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      Must Have Summer Items! <br>Japanese Sunscreens!

      Must Have Summer Items!
      Japanese Sunscreens!

      Your skin’s worst enemy: UV rays. Even still, you want to go out and take great pictures on the beach for Instagram! Its possible with Japanese sunscreens! There are many that are SPF50, while still being comfortable and light with no remaining residue!
      There are also sunscreens for children, so please chose the best one for you and enjoy a wonderful summer!

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      Delicious and Unique♪ <br> Candy & Gum from Japan

      Delicious and Unique♪
      Candy & Gum from Japan

      With so many different varieties of Japanese candies and gum to choose from, even searching for the perfect one is fun! Have you heard of rose candy?
      It's perfect to freshen up after a meal with garlic, so take them with you when you go out! With our wide variety to choose from, why not find your new favorite now☆

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