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Japanese Medicines

We have a large selection of Japanese Medicines products that are popular in Japan.
At DOKODEMO, products in the following categories Vitamin/Mineral Supplements and Antipyretic / Analgesic are very popular.
In addition, brands such as Alinamin and EVE are popular.
If you are having trouble deciding which product to buy, please check out our special feature page first to help you on your way!
Let us explain how to best choose a product depending on your concern or trouble, you are sure to find what you are looking for!

Japanese MedicinesJapanese Medicines

Selected Featured

This special feature introduces Japanese products recommended by our DOKODEMO staff.
If you don't know which one to choose among the many products out there, please refer to this first.
We introduce recommended products from a variety of perspectives, such as by concern, popularity or purpose, which may give you a hint when deciding what to buy.
The page hit rankings for November 2023 are 1st place Selection of Probiotics from Japan, 2nd place Takeda Pharmaceutical Alinamin Product Comparison, and 3rd place Taisho Pharmaceutical Cold Medicine Pabron Series.


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