Wakamoto Pharmaceutical

Wakamoto’s digestive remedies have been long loved by Japanese families for supporting their digestive health. Here are some popular products for your consideration.

Made in Japan・Directly from Japan


Strong Wakamoto

A gastrointestinal remedy for enhancing digestion, improving intestinal environment, and supplementing nutrients.

It can be taken by people of all ages, from children to the elderly.
It includes 3 natural ingredients: digestive enzymes, lactic acid bacteria, and brewer’s yeast.

It is good for:

✔️People with stomach or abdominal discomfort
✔️People that overeat
✔️People with loose stools or constipation
✔️People that are always feeling tired and lack of energy
✔️People that are looking for nutritional supplements during illness, after recovery, or after childbirth.


Wakamoto 108 Tablets

• • The right size for those who want to give it a try. •

強力わかもと 108錠_02.jpg


Wakamoto 1000 Tablets

• A perfect size for your entire family •

強力わかもと 1000錠_02.jpg


Granule Wakamoto 24 Packets

• Stick pack that is easy to carry and take •

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Wakamoto Intestinal Remedy

Formulated with 3 types of lactobacilli.

Elderly people and people with illness usually have less good bacteria in their gut. Conversely, bad bacteria multiply and the gut microbiome is off balance, resulting in constipation, loose stool, and bloated stomach. This product helps to improve the above symptoms.
It is formulated with B. longum and B. bifidum bifidobacteria that improve the large intestine, together with L. acidophilus that enhances the small intestine.

It is good for:

✔️People with constipation
✔️People with loose stool
✔️People with bloated stomach
✔️People that are experiencing constipation or loose stool due to aging intestines.