What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is a free identity verification service aimed at protecting customers from credit card fraud when they shop online with a credit/debit card. By entering a password registered in advance with your credit card company (other than the 4-digit PIN) it adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

*The 3D Secure password will be sent directly to your credit card company and is not shared with us. The information is extremely secure as it does not go through our website. The name for 3D Secure might differ among credit card brands (e.g. Verified by Visa/Visa Secure, SecureCode, etc.).

Advantages of Using 3D Secure

Makes Credit Card Payments More Secure

For added security, in addition to the card number and expiration date, you are asked to enter a password that is transmitted only to your credit card company. (The password must be registered with your credit card company in advance.)

Can Be Used by Anyone

3D Secure service is available for any credit card issued by companies that offer 3D Secure.

International Standard for Security

3D Secure service has been adopted by VISA, MasterCard and other major credit card companies. It has also become a standard service for credit cards in many parts of the United States.

Free of Charge

We do not charge any extra fees 3D Secure payments.

Prevents Fraudulent Use by Requiring a Password That Only the Cardholder Knows

It can protect customers from fraudulent or unauthorized credit card use by preventing their card number or expiration date from being stolen.

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