Using DOKODEMO Points

DOKODEMO Points are Points earned from payments on DOKODEMO that can be redeemed for future payments, with 1 Point= 1 JPY.

Proceed to checkout to complete your order. On the Order Confirmation screen, select [Use part of your Points] and enter the number of Points you would like to use, or select [Use all of your Points]. The final payment amount after Points deduction will be displayed. Please confirm the payment amount prior to completing your purchase.

How are Points Applied?

If you have both Regular Points and Limited-Time Points in your account, the Limited-Time Points will be applied first. In the case where you have multiple Limited-Time Points with different expiration dates, the Points that are nearest to expiring are applied first.

Points for Canceled Order

When an order is canceled, any DOKODEMO Points used towards the payment of the order will be returned to your account with their original expiration date.

However, if an order is canceled after dispatch, the used Points will not be refunded under any circumstances.

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