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Prices listed on DOKODEMO are based on Japanese yen prices. The price displayed in your local currency is calculated based on the current exchange rate.
The exchange rate used at the time of payment will be determined by your financial institution. Therefore, please note that there may be slight differences between the displayed price and that charged by your financial institution.

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  • Our Price (Tax-Free)
    Our prices are exempt from Japanese consumption tax.
    Product prices are subject to change without notice.

  • Sale Price
    This is a discounted/sale price.
    Some sale prices are only available for a limited time, so we recommend purchasing while they are low.

  • Reference Price
    These are product prices specialist distribution organizations gather from manufacturers/other sources or that we have obtained from the manufacturer's official website.
    *The prices are current at the time of collection and are not guaranteed to be current market prices.

Order History

  • Total Payment Amount
    Japanese Yen is shown at the time of purchase. The amount paid at the time of purchase and at the time of billing is based on the Japanese Yen and therefore stays the same.
    The foreign currency value provided is based on the currency exchange rate at the time of display.
    *All payments are charged in Japanese Yen and any foreign currency is shown as a guide, using the current foreign exchange rates. The final amount charged in your own currency will depend on your financial institution's exchange rates at the time of billing.
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