Flow from Order to Delivery

1. Place Your DOKODEMO Order

Once you have decided what you want to purchase, please confirm the payment amount and proceed with your purchase.

2. Order is Confirmed

Each merchant confirms if they can fulfill the order.
*Orders may be cancelled due to lack of inventory or other reasons.

3. Order is Dispatched

Each merchant dispatches your order. It will be prepared to be shipped out of Japan.

4. International Shipping

Your order is shipped to the destination country or territory via international shipping.

5. Customs Inspection

The package is inspected by local customs for importation.

6. Local Delivery

Your package is delivered to you by a local delivery company.

  • If you are not present at the time of delivery, please contact the local delivery company to arrange for pick up or redelivery.

7. Order is Delivered

In order to protect the buyer's rights concerning international logistics, we recommend that you open the package upon delivery.

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