Customs / Duties & Taxes

As international purchases made through DOKODEMO are considered personal imports, you take full and sole responsibility for any imposed import taxes or return shipping fees on regulated, restricted or prohibited items. Please confirm in advance, act in accordance with and take responsibility for the import laws of the country or region you are importing products to.

What is Customs?

Customs is a governmental body of the country whose main purpose and duties are the collection of customs duties, domestic consumption taxes, etc., the clearance of import and export goods, the control of smuggling, and the management of bonded areas.

What is a Customs Duty?

Duties are taxes imposed by customs on imported goods.
Depending on the amount and quantity of products purchased through DOKODEMO, your order may be subject to customs duties.

If you are subject to a tax, you will be required to pay the duty.
These fees are separate from the shipping fee and will be charged directly to you by customs.

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