Compensation for Undelivered Orders

Applicable Orders

  • Those confirmed to be lost/missing
  • Those returned to Japan after being refused by local customs
  • Those returned to Japan due to the shipping label being lost/missing, etc.

Compensation Process

  1. Please contact us from the [Contact Us] form on [My Page].
  2. DOKODEMO will file an investigation with Japan Post.
  3. If Japan Post determines the claim is applicable for compensation, DOKODEMO will process the refund.
  • Shipping related compensation is made through Japan Post.
  • Investigation carried out by Japan Post may be time consuming.


  • Merchandise total
  • International shipping fee

Refund Methods

  • Original payment method

Please Note:

  • There is a deadline for filing investigation with Japan Post. If you do not receive your package 30 days from the estimated delivery date shown in the Order History page, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Even if you choose [original payment method] as your refund method, an alternate refund method may be used instead due to reasons such as exceeding the refund period.
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