Compensation Procedure for Damaged Orders

※ If the items arrived in a damaged condition, please contact DOKODEMO within 8 days of receipt. When submitting an inquiry to us, please prepare the following materials as explained in 1~3 in advance.

1. Take pictures of the package

Please take pictures of the outer cardboard box, the contents in the box, and the damaged item(s). Do NOT discard the damaged item(s), the cardboard box, and all packaging materials; please keep them properly without further opening them.

2. Contact your local post office

Bring along the photos you took earlier, together with the cardboard box, packaging materials and other contents, as well as the damaged item(s) to your post office.

3. File a Damage Report (CN24)

Request to file a Damage Report (CN24) with your post office.
After obtaining the damage report, take a clear picture of it so that the contents can be clearly seen, and save the image for submission to DOKODEMO later on.

What is Damage Report (CN24)?
This is a certification issued by the local post office to confirm that a package arrived in a damaged condition or got lost. Format varies by country/territory.

If obtaining a damage report is not possible, please be sure to receive a written proof of damage from the delivery person or the local post office.

※ Please keep in mind that if more than 8 days have passed since the receipt of the package, or if the required materials are incomplete, an investigation may be unable to be carried out.

4. File an Investigation with Japan Post

Once 1~3 are completed, submit all the materials (pictures of the damaged package, damage report, etc.) to DOKODEMO and we will file an investigation with Japan Post.

※ During the investigation period, if you are contacted by your local post office, please kindly cooperate with them.

5. Notification of the investigation result and compensation

Investigation period varies by the type of shipping method, which may range from 2 weeks to 6 months.

If the investigation result shows that the item(s) were damaged during shipping and delivery, compensation will be issued by Japan Post.

※ Under the compensation system of the postal service, the value of the merchandise and shipping fee declared on the shipping label will be covered.
※ Please understand that if only partial damage occurred, shipping fee will not be covered.

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