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한국 - 한국어 / 1JPY = 8.8343KRW

DOKODEMO Points Terms of Use (Members)

The DOKODEMO Points Terms of Use (for members) (hereinafter, “Terms of Use”) stipulate the granting and use of Points (defined in Section 1) between Vega Corporation (hereinafter, “COMPANY”) and individuals registered as members (hereinafter “Members”) on the cross-border E-Commerce shopping site DOKODEMO operated by COMPANY.Terms of Use shall constitute part of the DOKODEMO Terms of Service (hereinafter, “Terms of Service”) applicable to Members, and the Terms of Service shall apply to any matters not set forth herein.

Section 1 (Definitions)

DOKODEMO Points shall refer to Points (hereinafter, “Points”) provided to Members by COMPANY.

Section 2 (Granting of Points)

  1. COMPANY shall grant Points to Members who have shopped on DOKODEMO calculated on the basis of price and the predetermined Points attribution ratio.
  2. The Points attribution ratio, terms and conditions, and other matters regarding Points (hereinafter, “Points Details”) shall be made public on a predetermined website stipulated by COMPANY.COMPANY, however, shall be entitled to change Points Details without notifying vendors in advance.

Section 3 (Points Management)

  1. COMPANY shall notify Members of expected Points earned and available Points in emails sent upon completion of orders.Members may also check their Points balance and expiration history on their Member’s Page.
  2. Members may not lend, transfer, or perform any other operation on Points not provided for herein.
  3. Members with multiple accounts may not combine Points from their other accounts.

Section 4 (Points Usage)

  1. Members may allocate the Points in their possession when shopping on DOKODEMO to their purchase amounts at the conversion rate determined by COMPANY.
  2. Points shall be eligible for use toward the purchase price of merchandise and/or shipping costs (limited to domestic shipping in Japan; includes consumption tax).Provided, however, that COMPANY reserves the right to change the eligibility and terms of use of Points at its own discretion.
  3. In the event that Members use Points to pay for the cost of merchandise, the cost of which is later reduced due to changes in quantity or any other reason, Points or cash may be refunded subject to the judgment of the vendor.
  4. When DOKODEMO Points are applied to purchase products and the dispatched products are then returned to DOKODEMO due to users' personal reasons, the applied Points cannot be reinstated.
  5. Points cannot be exchanged for cash.

Section 5 (Revocation of Points)

  1. COMPANY reserves the right to revoke Points held by Members, in full or in part, without prior notice if COMPANY determines that the Member:
    (1) engaged in illegal or illicit acts,
    (2) violated the Terms of Use, Terms of Service, or other terms and conditions or guidelines set forth by COMPANY, or
    (3) is otherwise deemed deserving of having Points revoked by COMPANY.
  2. COMPANY shall provide no compensation and shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for revoked or defunct Points.

Section 6 (Expiration and Loss of Points)

  1. Points are valid for 360 days from the date of your last order. However, please be aware that Limited-Time Points are issued with different valid periods and will expire on specified expiration dates.
  2. In the event that a Member loses status as a Member, that Member forfeits all Points in his or her possession and all rights regarding Points.

Section 7. (Disclaimers)

  1. COMPANY reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate Terms of Use and/or matters regarding Points without prior notice.COMPANY shall bear no liability whatsoever in the event Member(s) incur damages as the result of such changes, etc.
  2. COMPANY makes no guarantees of any sort regarding the operation of Points.COMPANY shall bear no liability whatsoever for any failures regarding the use of Points due to failures in communications networks, computers, etc., nor for any damages, loss of data, or any other damages incurred by Members pertaining to this service.
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