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Recommended Winter Gift Special Feature

Introducing our gift recommendations according to your budget and occasion!

Winter is the perfect season to convey your thanks to family and friends by giving a gift, whether it be a Christmas gift or New Year's greetings gift.
This year, why not give a special gift straight from Japan?

We recommend giving lovely gifts to your loved ones but how about treating yourself to a special gift too. You definitely deserve it after all the hard work you did this year!

Whether it's a gift for a friend, or a gift to exchange at a party or a more formal gift for New Years, we have the perfect gift for you here! We have also categorised them by budget to make sure you don't overspend.

Budget: Up to 3,999 yen

Essential oil body shampoo containing beauty ingredients

POLA's high-quality body care brand "PENSÉE DE BOUQUET"

The body care brand PENSÉE DE BOUQUET colors your everyday with its diverse floral aromas and designs, and high-quality feel and ease of use. The brand name PENSÉE DE BOUQUET is created from the French words for thought (pensée) and bundle/aroma (bouquet). Apart from a bunch of flowers, the word Bouquet can also mean aroma and space. So the brand name embodies the idea of thinking about and caring for yourself, your own time, and space.

Body Shampoo with a Floral Fragrance Based on Essential Oils

POLA has worked with perfumers to create original blends for the PENSÉE DE BOUQUET brand. The essential oil-based fragrances capture the refreshing scent of a freshly picked bouquet of flowers, which flows through the top, middle, and base notes.
The rich foam infused with beauty ingredients gently cleanses your skin whilst leaving it hydrated with a silky smooth feeling.

2 scents


A teacup with various uses, of course as a teacup but also as a small bowl or pudding cup

Product Features

✔︎ Oven-safe, heat-resistant glass cup that can also be used as tableware.
✔︎ Various uses: teacup, small bowl, pudding cup.
✔︎ Stackable and easy to store.
✔︎ Dishwasher, boiling water, microwave oven use OK

Perfect for souvenirs! Stylish Edible Gifts!

YOKUMOKU’s long-selling rolled Cigars. The original taste that was born that day will never change and will always be delicious.

The product name "Gaufre au Gouté" means "A Gaufre to enjoy at snack time".
This Gaufre set includes Japanese and Western teas. Black tea, Matcha and Coffee Cream is sandwiched between a crispy and fragrant gaufre. The aroma of the teas spread in your mouth, creating a relaxing moment.

Famous Japanese Sweets Sets, Great for Parties!

▶︎See more Japanese sweets

Budget: 3,000 yen to 4,999 yen

High Quality Cosmetics with Cute Packaging!

Alcohol-Free Moisturizing Medicated Lotion
IPSA's unique moisturizing ingredient "Aqua Presenter III" creates artificial layers of water that retain moisturizing ingredients on the skin surface. The skin is well conditioned with a good moisture balance that prevents it from becoming oily. The effective ingredients also help prevent skin problems and adult acne.

Aging Care Sheets which include Stem Cells
HAS (human-derived stem cells) have been added to the popular Spa Treatment Stretch i-Sheets to create an anti-aging sheet that is easy to use. While the specially shaped stretchy sheets have not changed, ingredients for aging skin have been richly added to the formula.

Contains 6 types of collagen and 5 types of hyaluronic acid
Contains 6 types of collagen with different molecular weights, functions and actions, and 5 types of hyaluronic acid. By blending various moisturizing ingredients such as resveratrol and polyphenols, often found in supplements, it thoroughly keeps the skin well moisturized.

Introducing a collaboration design with the wrapping paper specialty store "REGARO PAPIRO"!

Cream for face, hands, body and hair
Made by hand, using a unique steam emulsification method. An all-in-one cream that moisturizes the whole body. A cream with a light texture and excellent compatibility with all skin types. It is perfect for those who are looking for a simple and effective skin cream!

Product Features
✔︎100% Vegan
✔︎More than 98% natural ingredients
✔︎100% natural essential oils
✔︎ Made in Japan

2 designs
▶︎STEAM CREAM 75g Jewellery
▶︎STEAM CREAM 75g Camellia and Bird

Japan first! A Relaxing tea that improves sleep quality

Japan first! A Relaxing tea that improves sleep quality with plant-derived ingredients.

✔︎ A Relaxing tea that improves sleep quality using only plant-derived ingredients from Japan.

✔︎ It has been reported that increasing the hormone "Serotonin", which is the basis of the sleep hormone "melatonin", is effective in improving the quality of sleep.

✔︎ Easy-to-drink Rooibos flavor

✔︎ Safe-to-drink, made from natural ingredients which are safe to consume.

[For overseas voltages] SALONIA 2WAY hair iron

Compatible with overseas voltages
100-240V compatible - WORLD WIDE USE -

Ceramic Plated Hair Iron with ION care to give you shiny hair
Styling while taking care of hair lustre with Ion technology. Leave your hair with a glossy finish.

Temperature control
Adjustable from 100℃ to 220℃.
You can adjust the temperature in increments of 5°C.
Ultra High-Speed heating function.

Digital LCD display
Equipped with an automatic power-off function which is activated 30 mins after the hair iron was turned on.

Budget: 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen

Popular Japanese beauty and health appliances

Various modes to deal with stiffness and pain in the entire body
Various modes to deal with stiffness and pain in the entire body.
Equipped with 3 modes of "Massage": "Tap mode", "Knead mode", and "Rub Mode".
There are also 6 body area modes: Arms, Back, Legs, Feet, Joints (Knee, Elbow), Shoulders
You can choose the most suitable treatment from a total of 9 programs.

15 Intensity Levels
From gentle to strong, choose the level of intensity/relief that suits you.

Compact design. Comfortably fits in one hand, enabling therapy on the go.

Sonic vibration reduces tangled hair and suppresses static electricity.

Easy scalp beauty treatment every day!
The sonic vibrations loosen the tangles in your hair, and the soft cushions and metal pins gently stimulate your scalp. A hairbrush that takes care of your scalp and hair, simply by brushing.

✔︎ Platinum-coated pins that coolly and comfortably stimulate the scalp.
✔︎ Soft air cushion for scalp and hair, giving you an easy beauty treatment everyday.
✔︎ Smooth and beautiful hair just by brushing! Sonic vibration reduces tangled hair and suppresses static electricity.

Moisturizing care anytime with a nano ion mist!

The mist particles are so fine that it can moisturize your skin even when wearing makeup
Instantly transforms water into a nano-mist and turns it into warm steam to moisturize not only your skin but also your hair and nose. Since the particles are very fine, it moisturizes well even over makeup. Your skin will stay moisturized throughout the day, wherever you are.

It can be incorporated into your skincare routine in the morning and/or at night
The facial steamer can improve your skincare routine because when steam is applied to the skin, your pores open making it easier to clean and remove dirt. At the same time the steam helps soften your skin making it easier for beauty ingredients to penetrate deep into your skin.

The Steamer port angle is adjustable and includes 3 angle settings!
You can use it comfortably according to your favorite height!

スクリーンショット 20221117 12.11.30.png

ALBION New Series "FLARUNE" released in 2022

Uniquely tailored to your skin for a more radiant complexion
FLARUNE believes that it is important to stay close to the individuality of each person's skin. Albion's skin research makes it possible to provide care that matches the individuality of your skin.

A lineup that matches the individuality of your skin
▶︎Full Refined Milk EM 200g
▶︎Full Refined Milk M 200g
▶︎Vivid Tuner YR 40ml
▶︎Vivid Tuner HK 40ml
▶︎Vivid Tuner KM 40ml
▶︎Hydro Bomb (Lotion) 110ML

Twist the bottle to keep the flavour strong! Morandi colored tea bottles

Twist the bottle to keep the tea strong and delicious. Have a delicious cup of tea and relax at the office, at school, at home or just for a short break, with a delicious cup of tea, you can relax.

Heat and Cold Resistant
Heat resistant temperature 100℃, Cold resistant temperature -20℃
Heat resistant temperature 130℃, Cold resistant temperature -20℃
Heat resistant temperature 200℃, Cold resistant temperature -20℃

Fashionable Morandi Colors
▶︎Vitantonio Twisty VTW-10-C White
▶︎Vitantonio Twisty VTW-10-B Pink
▶︎Vitantonio Twisty VTW-10-G Green

Budget: Over 10,000 yen

[Limited Quantity] POLA Wrinkle Shot Gift Box Set

A veil of moisture that balances firmness and flexibility, this medicated serum aims to give you beautiful skin which can move flexibly according to your facial expressions, whilst making fine wrinkles caused by dryness inconspicuous!

Kit contents
・Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum N [Quasi-drug] 20g
・Wrinkle Shot Geocerum Protian [Quasi-drug] 3g
・B.A Lotion N 8mL
・B.A Milk N 8mL

Great performance if you have one! Compact Waffle Baker

There are two types of attachment plates included, you can even just make toast!
Additionally, there are up to 14 different types of attachment plates that can be purchased separately. Vitantonio's signature waffle baker has been renewed with a convenient timer function! Vitantonio’s commitment to make life "more delicious, more convenient, and more fun" in this spacing saving baker!

2 Colors Available
▶︎Vitantonio Waffle & Hot Sandwich Baker VWH-50-I Ivory
▶︎Vitantonio Waffle & Hot Sandwich Baker VWH-50-R Red

SUNA BIOSHOT works on the scalp to initiate new hair growth while returning your hair color back to its black color.

■SUNA BIOSHOT scalp essence double black 100ml
Hair growth, hair loss & thinning prevention, gray hair care and prevention
Super nanoparticle technology (SNP technology) efficiently delivers a wide variety of botanical ingredients to the hair root cells.

■SUNA BIOSHOT Shampoo Premium II 400ml
Moisturizes your hair to make it smooth and effortless.
No silicone, No mineral oil, No synthetic coloring, No synthetic fragrance & No parabens

■SUNA BIOSHOT Treatment Premium 200g
No silicone, No mineral oil, No synthetic coloring, No synthetic fragrance & No parabens
Formulated with five characteristic ingredients that enhance hair repair, protection, and moisture.

Set Contents
・SUNA BIOSHOT Scalp Essence Double Black 100ml
・SUNA BIOSHOT Shampoo Premium II 400ml
・SUNA BIOSHOT Treatment Premium 200g

Ultrasonic peeling for clear, smooth skin

This ultrasonic peeling device removes dirt and cleanses your pores, getting rid of old keratin build up and sebum. Use it one or twice a week for clearer and smoother skin!

✔︎ Gently removes dead skin cells, sebum stains and cleanses pores
✔︎ Skin-friendly titanium coating
✔︎ Popular beauty salon level peeling at home!

Budget: Over 15,000 yen

Japanese department store popular brands

[2022 New Model] Panasonic Nano Care Hair Dryer

✔︎ New more compact design but still cares for your hair through our famous nano care technology *maximum air volume of 1.6㎥/min.

✔︎ Highly penetrating Nanoe moisture & minerals! Evolved to give you moisturized, more manageable hair whilst drying it quickly!

✔︎ Two sensors detect the environment and usability, and automatically control the air temperature to reduce excessive heat.

*Power supply: AC100V 50-60Hz

3 colors
▶︎Deep Navy
▶︎Lavender Pink
▶︎Warm White

The industry's only high-frequency treatment device for home use.

✔︎ High-frequency treatment device CoriCoran is the only home-use high-frequency treatment device in the industry certified as a medical device for the purpose of relieving stiffness.

✔︎ Just attach it to the affected area of the shoulder or waist, and the high-frequency pulse will expand the blood vessels and promote blood circulation, treating stiffness in the shoulder and waist.

✔︎Compact, lightweight, cordless design causing no irritation, so you can treat stiffness while working or doing housework.

✔︎ A small high-frequency treatment device that can be worn even during work. Relieve stiffness in the shoulders or lower back anytime, anywhere.

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