SUNA hair dye treatment perfect value pack


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. SUNA BIOSHOT Anti Hair loss scalp essence double black 100ml
. SUNA Moisturizing colouring conditioner EX for grey hair( . Black, Dark Brown, Natural Brown 3 colours )180g
. SUNA BIOSHOT Golden non-silicone Shampoo ll 400ml
. SUNA BIOSHOT Premium Moist Hair Conditioner 200g

SUNA BIOSHOT Anti Hair loss scalp essence

double black

SUNA Moisturizing Colouring Conditioner EX for grey hair


■SUNA BIOSHOT Golden non-silicone Shampoo PremiumⅡ400ml


・0%Silicones,0% Parabens 0% colorants
・Designed cleansing formula with amino acid, natural herbal scented,delivering a healthy shine and restoring vibrancy.
・Mild herbal formula (=SUNA PLANTS:3 types of Tara tannin ,Yucconin,Japanese quince)
・Minimize the damages to hair scalp from hair dye
・Instantly locks in moisture ,leaving your hair with a herbal scent, Ideal for frequent use.
・Complete your routine with SUNA BIOSHOT Anti Hair loss scalp essence for optimal results

■SUNA BIOSHOT Treatment Premium II 400ml

hair conditioner

・ 100% Silicones free with the best formula for dramatic results
・Natural herbal scented, providing moment of relaxation
・Light fragrance, Not overpowering with other toiletries scent

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