한국 - 한국어 / 1JPY = 8.6810KRW
한국 - 한국어 / 1JPY = 8.6810KRW
This promo has now ended.
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How to participate in the promo
Refer a Friend Period:
2024.04.19 10:00 ~ 2024.05.02 23:59(Japan Time)

During this week please get your referral code and share it with your friends! Once shared, your freinds will also need to obtain their coupon code within this week!

Coupon Usage Period:
2024.04.19 10:00 ~ 2024.05.09 23:59(Japan Time)

Once your friend gets the coupon they can use the coupon to place their first order. After the order has been shipped, those who referred that friend will receive Points!

Introduce a friend to DOKODEMO and GET
  1. Click "Share Referral Code"
  2. Select a method you wish to share and share it to your family and friends! ( * Your friends and family will receive a 1,000 yen coupon.)
  3. Once your friend gets your referral code and places their first order on DOKODEMO, then you will receive 3000 points to your account.
Your Friend will GET
  1. Enter the referral code in the form below and click "Get a coupon".
  2. To be used on first time orders only. A 1,000JPY discount coupon will be presented! (Coupon Condition: You must spend more than 8,000 JPY on merchandise to use the coupon)
  3. Discount coupon codes can be entered on the final order confirmation page at the checkout.
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Promo Details
Promotional period
Refer a Friend Period:
2024-04-19 10:00:00 ~ 2024-05-02 23:59:59 (Japan Time)
Coupon Usage Period:
2024-04-19 10:00:00 ~ 2024-05-09 23:59:59 (Japan Time)
Promo Conditions
<Those who refer or introduce a friend>
[1] Share the Referral Code From this promo page please click on the "share referral code" link within the valid "refer a friend" promo period. * Even if you have not been shopping with us recently, you can introduce or refer a friend as long as you are registered as a member. * You can refer multiple people, but the points will only be awarded once per person.
[2] Your Referred Friend Places Their First Order. Once your friend gets the referral code, they can obtain their own coupon code. Using the coupon, if they place their first order on DOKODEMO, then you will receive 1,000 points to your account after the order has been shipped. Please note the coupon must be used within the coupon usage period.
<Those who have been referred by a friend>
[1] After signing in to DOKODEMO, enter the referral code on this promo page in the "referral code input form" and get a 1,000 yen coupon code. You must enter the referral code during the valid "refer a friend" promo period week. * Only for those who have never shopped on DOKODEMO before. * Please enter the correct referral code within the promo period.
[2] Use the discount coupon code and place your first order on DOKODEMO during the coupon usage period.
Promo Benefits
<Those who refer or introduce a friend>
3,000 Points
■ Points Issue Date The day after your referred friend's order has been shipped. ■ Point Type Limited Time Points will be granted to your account. ■ Point Expiry Date The Points are only valid for 45 days from the issue date.
<Those who have been referred by a friend>
1,000 JPY Discount Coupon
■ Coupon Issue Date This is the date you enter the referral code into the form and receive a coupon. ■ Coupon Conditions You must spend more than 8,000 JPY on merchandise to use the coupon. ■ Coupon Expiry Date 2024-05-09 23:59:59 (Japan Time)
Please Note:
  • * This promo may be changed or terminated at any time without any prior notice.
  • * We are unable disclose any information of any customer even if they have referred you or you have referred them.
  • * This informationwas published on April 19th, 2024
  • * After filling in the relevant forms you have entered into an agreement of supplying personal data/information of the referred people you wish to refer. This agreement is between those who have been referred and those who have referred a friend. Please agree to these terms and seek approval before applying.
  • * We will not be held responsible for any problems between individuals that have applied for this promo.
  • ※If any of the following acts are confirmed, we may cancel or disable the user's membership or benefits. ・The same user holds multiple accounts and obtains the benefits/rewards through unfair or inappropriate means. ・The content of this promo is used for other advertising purposes. ・The content of this promo is used to create other secondary promo/offers to other users. ・The user uses the content of this promo to send spam emails/messages and causes a nuisance to others. ・Those who have been judged by our company to have used the promo inappropriately and are not suitable for receiving the benefits, or those who have acted in ways that have hindered the normal operation of our company.
  • *To get & use a coupon you will need to register as a member on DOKODEMO.
  • * The customer will bear any fees related to downloading the DOKODEMO app such as connection and transmission fees etc.