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DOKODEMO 쿠폰 서비스 약관

DOKODEMO Coupons Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as Coupon Terms and defined in Article 1 Definition ) were established to stipulate the methods and conditions of use between Vega Corporation Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Vega) and individuals with registered member accounts (hereinafter referred to as Members) based on DOKODEMO Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to Terms of Service). Coupon Terms are only a portion of Terms of Service, and unsettled issues may be resolve pursuant to Terms of Use.

Section 1 (Definitions)

DOKODEMO Coupons (hereinafter referred to as “Coupons”) are discount tickets issued to Members by Merchants using DOKODEMO e-commerce platform specified by Vega. Coupons display specific discount rates or amounts, and can be acquired and used for purchases made on DOKODEMO.

Article 2 Conditions of Use

Conditions of acquisition and coupon use, as well as valid periods and any other related conditions (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Conditions”) are prescribed by Merchants for each coupon. Through understanding and meeting Conditions requirements, Members can use Coupons.

Article 3 Method of Confirmation

Members can confirm the contents and number of previously acquired coupons (hereinafter referred to as Coupon Information) on a specified webpage.

Article 4 Methods of Use

Members may use acquired coupons based on the Methods stipulated above when purchasing products for sale on DOKODEMO by Merchants who issuing those Coupons.

Article 5 Invalidation

Vega maintains the right to without prior notice, invalidate a Members acquired coupons in part or whole, in the case that Members are in violation of one of the following.
(1) A breach of laws and regulations or committing an act that is unlawful;
(2) A breach of Coupons Terms, Terms of Use and any other terms and guidelines stipulated by Vega;
(3) Any other situation or circumstance in which the invalidation of Member Coupons is judged to be appropriate by Vega.

Article 6 Prohibition of Realization and Transfer

Realization, transfer and pawning of Coupons are prohibited. Coupons acquired by and through the status of one Member shall be used correspondingly by the relevant Member herein. Transfer and combining of Coupons to Member with multiple accounts is prohibited.

Article 7 Use by a Third Party

7.1 Coupons shall only be used by the relevant Member, use by a third party is prohibited.

7.2 Through the judgement of Vega, any Coupons used during purchases in which specific user ID and password match the Member data, it will be deemed that they were used by the Member that owning that specific user ID and password.

Article 8 Null and Void

In the situation that a Member loses Member status all rights related to Coupons will be voided. Vega is not liable for any loss and or damages due to loss of membership status.

Article 9 Disclaimer

9.1 Although Vega endeavors to provide a system for the use of Coupons there is no guarantee of freedom from failures or related problems. Vega is no liable for any interruption, delay, loss of data and any damage related to Coupons caused by computer or network failures, or damage due to unauthorized access and any other damage of Coupons Members may experience.

9.2 For Coupon Information and Conditions of Use, Members shall inquire directly with the Merchant issuing the coupon. Vega will not respond nor deal with any individual inquiries.

9.3 As coupons are issued by Merchants, Vega does not possess any information regarding the contents or conditions of Coupons. Vega will not be liable for the use or innability thereof of Coupons as well as any loss and damage incurred by customers.

Article 10 Modifications of Service

Vega may, without advance notice, discontinue the use of Coupons, modify or abolish Coupon contents, amend Coupon Terms and modify the service related to Coupons (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Modifications of Service”). Vega will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by Modifications of Service.Established on February 5, 2019