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Girdled Compression Tights - Designed & Produced by Masako Mizutani

Girdled Compression Tights - Designed & Produced by Masako Mizutani

    • mede in japan Made in Japan
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    43.68 USD
  • Product ID:masako_mizutani_girdle
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  • Dimensions:10.0cm × 10.0cm × 10.0cm

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  • Girdled Compression Tights - Designed & Produced by Masako Mizutani
  • Girdled Compression Tights - Designed & Produced by Masako Mizutani
  • Girdled Compression Tights - Designed & Produced by Masako Mizutani
  • Girdled Compression Tights - Designed & Produced by Masako Mizutani
  • Girdled Compression Tights - Designed & Produced by Masako Mizutani
  • Girdled Compression Tights - Designed & Produced by Masako Mizutani
  • Girdled Compression Tights - Designed & Produced by Masako Mizutani
  • Girdled Compression Tights - Designed & Produced by Masako Mizutani
  • Product Introduction

    Not found likely
    Girdle and tights is integrated !!

    Correctly reproduce the site by wearing pressure in three-dimensional format!
    30's, 40's of women of different parts of the birth by analyzing the body
    Stage wearing pressure waistline, pelvis around, hip,
    Thighs, knees, pinpoint compensation which has been subjected to the calf.

    Tights up to now and is Quirky !!
    Much pulling up, look the age of the body of the slack of the body
    The, feel free to relax and firmly change to slimming
    Quickly wear, the clear before-after!

    ~ Recommended ~ towards such worries
    · Many desk work, fatigue, edema is a concern of the legs
    Accumulates tired legs at-all day long standing work
    · Legs and cold around the waist is a concern

    One after another the voice of repeater after another !! rave reviews!
    We received a lot of your feedback from those who the user.

    Only thighs -5cm !! in two weeks
    Easy to wear !!
    Edema continued to trouble is refreshing !!
    Always Yes !!

    And ease of wearing, stuck to thoroughly in effect,
    Lower body clean only wear
    Wearing pressure is the introduction of the tights, leggings!

    Fast-acting! Effect of surprise!
    Only wear, correction !!! the lower half of the body

    Wear just so different in !!
    Greatness wear to the look immediately effect of "up witch"

    West -3cm !!
    Waist -4cm !!
    Ass around -4cm !!
    Thighs -2cm !!

    There is also wearing pressure type of tights that stood all of the work much about one day is also the necessities.

    Although we have tried a lot of arrival pressure tights until now, "I raised witch" is glad not itchy also take off after you come home in the evening.

    There is no, it is terrible swelling of the legs even after finishing the work of one day.
    It was felt in a long time "good comfort to show me a beautiful tights."
    (Hyogo Prefecture Ayako's (47 years old))

    Lower body of your worries all solved!

    Belly of slack: Pokkori tightening the stomach!
    Pelvic Support: attitude the correctness blood flow improvement!
    Ass of slack: sagging repel hip-up effect!
    Thighs of slack: slender in wearing pressure-straightening effect!
    The second heart-ankle: blood flow effect up at the end wearing pressure!

    Up witch is the correction products.
    Lady Do you know.
    It is not "wearing pressure commodity = correction products".

    Q. Is not it painful when wearing pressure wearing the product?
    A. Unlike wearing pressure goods of only tighten only.

    Previously, Did not this kind of experience in wearing pressure product?

    The reason that stopped the wearing of Chaku圧商 products
    37.8% effect can not be realized
    It was not able to eliminate the edema 16.2%
    According dough on the back 5.4% knee
    16.2% during the attachment and detachment is troublesome
    It was easy it is 16.2% pill
    8.1% Other

    If "up witch", you can resolve these worries
    "Up witch" is 30's to 40's of the body, and in order to analyze the arrival pressure faced under the trade problem will be compatible with the "feeling of ease" and "effect", is the correction products that survived sticking out.

    Firm support from the stomach to the toes!
    Lower body-integrated structure

    It was born by analyzing the body of the 30s-40s woman
    Site-specific stage wearing pressure

    Tummy: Pokkori stomach a refreshing tightening!
    Ass: ass rises in support belt!
    Thighs: refreshing the thighs anxious tightening!
    Knee:! Friendly easy to move the knee structure (leggings only)
    Calf: improving the edema modestly pressure!
    Ankle: to help decrease swelling from here!

    Surprise of the effect 6 Tsunokodawari

    ① ceramic blend fabrics
    Always refreshing ~ at ~ antibacterial deodorizing
    Ceramics warmed by body temperature to far-infrared radiation, fairly dust and warm from the body. Since water such as sweat easily evaporated far infrared, in clothes it is always dry and comfortable. Antibacterial deodorizing

    ② girdle with a lower body-integrated structure
    Support From stomach to the toes -

    For Daily
    Girdle with arrival pressure tights
    Girdle and tights is integrated!

    For night
    Belly band with wearing pressure relaxing leggings
    Stomach band integrated of was not likely three-dimensional formation until now.

    To economic multi-functional item!

    By girdle + wearing pressure tights, wearing pressure leggings are integrated

    - with a stomach band Nante wearing pressure, the ultimate !! that women seek
    - always it was a troublesome wearing tights along with the girdle! That we had to eliminate the frustration with this product
    - immediately or it was for us to firmly support to the bottom of the bust ♪
    - that are integrated, around the waist refreshing ♪
    · Looks good without Kibukure even when the lightly dressed ♪

    "Very convenient!", It has received the voice of joy, such as "to wear hassle has been resolved differently!" !!

    Tightening the waist, hips, thighs at the stage wearing 圧編 only!
    ③ pelvic support structure
    Pelvic support structure - that leads to - correct posture
    Loose adjust the pelvis! Knitted fabric around the pelvis "pelvis support structure" is Features!
    It fat burning by supporting the pelvis in the pelvic support structure

    ④ hip-up structure
    Support belt - that leads to - beautiful location
    Small ass effect tightening the hip!
    Tightening effect preeminent in support belt ass part!

    Hari measures ⑤ lower body
    ~ Thighs refreshing! Thigh hold-up structure -
    Tightening the thighs, creating a gap.
    Tightening effect preeminent in the thighs up mold structure!

    Overwhelming feeling of ease!
    Pin-point compensation + does not hurt relief structure

    ⑥ part by 5 stage wearing pressure
    Only for the conventional pressure bonding ... tightening, just close contact, the disadvantage would stuffiness. Therefore Mouret was part sweating, be or become itchy or become red as well.

    The direction from the ankle to the waistline "5 stage wearing pressure"

    Tightening strongly the farthest ankle from the heart, then calves, and to weaken the pressure to the thighs. The better the blood and lymph flow by applying a moderate pressure to step formula to help decrease swelling.

    Waistline, pelvis around Hip thigh, knee, calf
    These to pin point it is subjected to a correction.
    While relaxing, beautiful body make-up !!

    Point of tights ♪

    ☆ do not feel the hassle!
    There is no hassle to wear separately because the girdle and the arrival pressure tights are integrated!

    ☆ does not hurt to wear a long time!
    Not hurt in the toe part of the three-dimensional form.

    ☆ casual fashionable!
    When I cross-legged, pattern of casually look Roses

    Point of leggings ♪

    ☆ not stuffy!
    It is not stuffy at different it front side and the back side of the fabric of the knee part!

    ☆ not Kibukure!
    Since the belly band and the arrival pressure leggings are integrated, not Kibukure even when the light clothes!

    ☆ fashionable UP ♪
    Stretch lace hem.

    Reasonably body make-up to suit the purpose and lifestyle

    Lunch only
    I want to eliminate the edema evening!
    If swelling and in the evening - is A child's shoe is tight OL ~
    7 am to 22 pm: tights wear time
    Eliminate Legs wearing pressure !! edema at work

    Fabric's a tough, we are safe even in the work hardly can also pill.

    Night only
    Eliminate the swelling of the legs makeup & morning to own pace!
    ~ Morning always the case of the B child who is bloated legs -
    20 am to 5:00: leggings worn by time
    Tightening while you are sleeping, fight off !! edema

    So easy to move have always high when you are in the house.
    Nebie in firm support to the stomach does not do!

    A short period of time you want skinny smash!
    In the case of close-wedding of C child's -
    9 am to 19 pm: tights wear time
    21 am to 6 pm: leggings worn by time

    "Raised Witch" will continue to wear 24 hours because there is less of a burden and easy to wear.

    Up witch is the correction items

    Up witch: the woman of the body and analysis, site-specific wearing pressure products developed. To compensate in the correct position.
    (Effect high and normal price)

    M, Inc. products: the correction effect is high, can not buy expensive too.
    (Effect high and high prices)

    Company D products: correction effect is not, goods to reduce the swelling. Only of wearing pressure goods tightening
    (Effect low and low price)

    Girdle with arrival pressure tights
    For Daily
    To arrival pressure tights containing design of roses of one point on the right side of the inner ankle! (Right ankle near the inside)
    Universal color of the matte black

    Belly band with wearing pressure relaxing leggings
    For night
    I'm happy to go steep you from moments of relaxation in your room Ashirai race to hem
    Available in ice gray of adult cute color!

    Worn in the 20s fashion purpose!?
    Because - are integrated, likely of yo without Kibukure even when the lightly dressed. (Saitama prefecture / Aya)
    - very design is pretty attractive !!! (Osaka resident, Nozomi's)
    - fashionable while, ideal ♪ measures edema in Pressure Tights (Aichi prefecture, Miki-san)

    Attention to the 30s type and attitude!?
    - out to have stomach the but was always hidden, around the stomach is not worried met on this product! (Fukuoka prefecture / Satoko's)
    Coral Come to the lower half of the body to be worried about! (Kagoshima prefecture / Megumi-san)
    - It is strange! You growth is natural and spine (laughs) (Hiroshima prefecture / Yukino-san)

    Many people want to add a friend and the difference in their 40s secretly Yes me!?
    - invisible place in secretly legs and is good to protect us from the cold,! (Miyagi prefecture / Namiko's)
    - even to good in underwear instead of work clothes, it is also the cold measures! (Shizuoka prefecture / Shiori's)
    High was ♪ could desire of the gap between the thighs and thighs at the moment (Tokyo resident / Tomoko)
    - every day was wearing a girdle, now you need one, thanks to this product !! (Tokyo resident / Makiko-san)
    • The day !! which had been impressed Once you introduce your friends tights, night will continue to wear 24 hours in leggings! (Nagasaki prefecture, Miyuki)

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