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Labo Labo "Super Keana" Wipe-Off Pore Lotion - Dr. Ci: Labo

Labo Labo

Labo Labo is the evolution of Dr. Ci:Labo's Keana 0 line which is focused on the care of blackheads and pores around the T-zone. With a total lineup from oil cleansers to foundation you can come closer to reaching your goal of "pore-less" skin. Among them, Super Keanna Lotion is popular for catching any dirt or impurities that were missed during one's face wash. Natural lactic acid is used to soften and gently remove the buildup in ones pores which leads to soft and smooth skin. The following 3 step process, pore build-up "Removal" "Tightening" and "Moisturizing" is used to firm and close open poors. Not only is the focus on removing pore build-up, but creating skin in which one's pores aren't noticeable through a thoroughly thought out approach. >See more products of this brand.

Labo Labo "Super Keana" Wipe-Off Pore Lotion - Dr. Ci: Labo

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    • Labo Labo "Super Keana" Wipe-Off Pore Lotion - Dr. Ci: Labo


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  • Dimensions:14.0cm × 5.0cm × 5.0cm

  • Release Date : 2012/03/30
  • Shop Name:SAKURA GALLERY.tokyo
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  • Product Introduction

    A wipe-off lotion that easily removes old keratin and roughness with the power of naturally-derived lactic acid. Cleans, shrinks, and moisturizes pores, leaving you with soft, luscious skin. Can be used daily or occasionally.

    1. Cleans pores utilizing 3 steps: “Removing”, “shrinking”, and “Moisturizing”
    Just as the lotion removes stubborn old keratin by just lightly sliding on the skin it restores moisture! Shrinks opened skin pores while dissolving sebum and keeping the skin smooth.
    The moisturizing ingredient makes the skin elastic while simultaneously making skin pores less noticeable.

    2. Has these amazing effects!
    Using naturally derived lactic acid and malic acid, this lotion increases turnover of your skin by dissolving old skin keratin and sebum, which is the cause of skin pore opening. Using this lotion everyday will leave you with luminescent, clear skin.
    Also brightens your skin tone and makes skin pores less noticeable. It enhances diffusion of your other skincare products.

    3. Botanical ingredients that are smooth to the touch!
    With 4 kinds of pore cleaning ingredients, including royal jelly acid, this lotion suppresses the secretion of sebum that causes pore opening, subsequently tightening the pores. Avoids sebum from clogging and leaves your skin smooth without tanning. Alcohol free, so it is gentle and refreshing on the skin.

    4.Double the moisturizing power!
    It contains 200%* of hyaluronic acid and collagen to keep your skin’s moisture balance after wiping.
    *In comparison with conventional products

    ■ For daily care
    Use the lotion after face wash in the morning and night. Soak a quarter sized amount of lotion into a cotton pad and wipe makeup off your entire face gently. To make your skin extra smooth, use “super keana moisture white” or “super keana O skin lactic acid cream” after.

    ■ For special care, cotton mask
    Mask the parts of your skin where you have opening or blackening of pores, roughness, or dullness for 3 minutes with a cotton soaked with plenty of lotion.
    Rub it on your skin and keep your skin smooth with “super keana moisture white” or “super keana O skin lactic acid cream” after that.
    ※Make sure to soak the lotion through the back side of the cotton. If it is not soaked with lotion enough, the cotton may damage your skin when you rub it on. Please refrain from using this product immediately after getting sunburn or when you have sensitive skin.

  • Product Use

    Soak an ample amount of lotion into a cotton pad after face wash, and wipe makeup from your whole face except for the areas surrounding your eyes and mouth.
    Recommended amount: Enough to dampen a cotton pad

    Bottle: 100mL, about a month's supply

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Pentylene glycol
    Pepper sprout extract
    Hamamelis leaf extract
    Arch chalk leaf extract
    Neubara fruit extract
    Lactic acid
    Malic acid
    10-hydroxydecanoic acid
    Grape leaf extract
    Hyaluronic acid Na
    Water-soluble collagen
    Orange oil
    Rose hip oil
    Peppermint oil
    PEG-30 glyceryl isostearate
    PEG-50 glyceryl isostearate
    Hydroxyethyl cellulose
    Sebacic acid
    Na lactate
    Na citrate
    citric acid

  • Precautions

    ① Do not use this product if you have scratches, swelling, eczema, rash etc on your skin.

    ② If the product does not agree with your skin, that is, if the following symptoms appear, please stop using this product. Consulting a dermatologist or other specialist is recommended.
    (1) Skin problems such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, etc. appear during use.
    (2) The above problems appear when the skin where you apply this product exposed to direct sunlight.

    ③ Rinse your eyes immediately without rubbing when the product gets into your eyes.

    ④ Handle the product with clean hands and close the lid tightly after use.
    Also, never put the content once taken out back into the bottle.

    ⑤ Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature and high humidity, and keep it out of reach of children.

    ⑥ Color tone may slightly vary as natural derived materials used in this product, but there is no problem in quality,

    ⑦ Put the lotion on your skin again if you wipe your skin with a towel.

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