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ELIXIR WHITE Cleansing Foam (J) 35g

※This item is not available on 「Jselect」 at this moment.

  • Product Introduction

    Remove the turbidity factor of the skin. Medicated cleansing foam that leads neat to clear
    Vitamin C blend * of granules dissolved's foam to remove the cause of the turbidity of the skin. Take unnecessary corner layer containing melanin, support the reincarnation of the skin. Skin caused by ultraviolet rays to prevent any **. Then use cosmetics I'll wash the familiar state. It is the smell of pleasant aqua floral.

    * Phosphoric acid L- ascorbyl magnesium (contents of the stabilizing agent) ** glycyrrhizinate (preventing component there be medicated skin)

  • Product Use

    1. Wash your hands, you wet the face.
    * Or dirty hands, because foaming and are still oil of dropped make it worse, and cleansing hand from the wash, such as with soap.
    2. Take a guide about 1.5cm in the palm of your hand in the palm of your hand, and spread to the entire hand.
    3. While added in several portions of a small amount of cold or warm water, and beat so as to involve the air.
    4. while allowing rolling the bubbles on the skin, wash carefully the whole face up to every nook and corner.
    As the whole face draw a circle, greasy portion, such as an especially forehead and nostril, gently done at your fingertips.
    5. After that, a guideline for about 1 minute with running water, and rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water.
    6. suck gently to dab the moisture with a towel.
    * Make a much does not fall even in the upside down the palm of a resilient foam.

    * The eyes is a delicate part, done gently.
    * Such as the hairline or inner corner, nostril, down, face line of under-chin of the nose, so easy to leave rinse, done especially carefully.

  • Precautions

    ◇ Please be used with caution well or abnormal, such as scratches and swelling, eczema, color missing (such as white spots) and darkening does not occur to your skin. When it is not suitable to your skin, discontinue use, please consult your such as a dermatologist.
    ◇ After use, please tighten the cap properly.
    Please note that turning a blind eye ◇. If this happens if, without rubbing, please rinse with cold or warm water immediately. If the foreign matter remains in the eye, please consult your ophthalmologist.
    ◇ Please do and not put in place to become a high temperature where the hits of the day.
    ◇ If you want to use the bathroom dryer, please do not put in the bathroom.
    ◇ Please put out of reach of children.

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