Rohto Rifurea deodorant liquid (30ML)


Underarm odor is a concern even if no matter how firmly wash the body .... Worried not think that the smell from the surrounding. Cause of [Rifurea] smell that is product development in the pharmaceutical company's own approach to the delicate problem of such women is formulated with a mechanism to measure the ingredients and sebum decomposing decomposition odor and oxidation odor that is included in the sweat from the root. You can achieve no I firmly niobium from morning to night with high adhesion and high bactericidal action to reduce foot odor measures and antiperspirant spray, the smell can be, such as [Rifurea] So Deoboru. Also used also features can antiperspirant measures that were in your own in several types such as roll-on type or cream bar easy use not in trouble. >See more products of this brand.

Rohto Rifurea deodorant liquid (30ML)

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  • Product Introduction

    "Mentholatum Rifurea Medicinal deodorant liquid 30ml" is a body odor, antiperspirant deodorant straight-painted type to firmly cut the smell of the armpit with a high adhesion formulation. Quickly be covered roll-on type. Simple, but firm who want to care, who want to care your hands dirty, who not enough and it is spray, is recommended, such as the weaker that sticky. Fragrance-free. Quasi-drugs.

  • Product Use

    ● in a location where they can be easily out of the sweat, such as underarm, please apply the appropriate amount.
     ● Before use, please shake the container, leaving the cap.
     ● Please wear a dry after clothes.
     ● When the ball is difficult around, please use from by turning with a finger.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    ● Active Ingredients: benzalkonium chloride, isopropyl methyl phenol, para-phenol sulfonic acid zinc
     ● Other Ingredients: cetyltrimethylammonium bromide solution, aluminum chlorohydrate, absolute ethanol, BG, silicic anhydride, talc, ethanol, hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, sericite, hydroxyapatite, zinc oxide, allantoin chlorohydroxy Al, menthol, wormwood extract, Melissa extract, lactoferrin solution

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