Pigeon MagMag spout (1)

Pigeon MagMag spout (1)

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「ピジョン マグマグ スパウト 5ヶ月頃から」は、ニップル以外の飲み口に慣れるトレーニングに最適な赤ちゃんのためのカップです。赤ちゃんの発育に合わせて考えられた4つの飲み口で、コップ飲みやストロー飲みが上手になるようトレーニングできます。飲み口を替えるだけで、赤ちゃんから4-5才までご使用いただけます。5か月頃からお使いいただけます。ニップル以外の飲み口に慣れ、口に入る量を赤ちゃんが調節しやすく工夫した、トレーニングスパウト(クロスカット)。ナナメのハンドルなので、赤ちゃんが上手に口に運べます。パーツが少ないので、洗浄も組み立ても簡単です。

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  • Product Introduction

    "From Pigeon sippy cup spout 5 months around May" is a cup for the best baby in the training to get used to drinking a non-nipple. In four of the spout that were considered in accordance with the development of the baby, you may want to train so that the cup to drink and straw drinking is good. Only changing the spout, you can use until the babies 4-5 years old. You can use it from 5 or around May. Accustomed to drinking other than the nipple, baby the amount that enters the mouth has been devised to facilitate adjustment, training spout (cross-cut). Since the diagonal of the handle, it carries the baby is well mouth. Since few parts, cleaning is also easy to assemble.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Cup: polypropylene, water 添型 styrene isoprene copolymer resin cap adapter with handle, cap, hood: polypropylene spout, packing: silicone rubber

  • Precautions

    ● Please do not place near the fire. ※ Please read the instruction manual before use.

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