Pigeon nipple protector breast-feeding for the software type

Pigeon nipple protector breast-feeding for the software type

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  • Product Introduction

    "Pigeon nipple protector nursing Soft Type L 2 pieces" is a nipple protector to be given breast milk while protecting the nipple. Thin and easy to fit to the breast so soft, is a sense of discomfort is less type. So that there is no to the baby's nose during lactation, it has become a shape that was cut up. It is with the case that can be hygienically stored. ※ With the commodity renewal, the design of the package there is a possibility to mix old and new. There is no change of such material.

  • Product Use

    Mom nipples, please in the clean wiping with a clean cotton ChichiRin part. Placed over the nipple, please let smoke Hold by hand. Please be the two or three times until the baby get used to suck from the reservoir a little squeezing the breast milk to the nipple protector. * Scratches on the nipple, because if there is a crack ● wound to deteriorate, please do not warm the breast, such as bathing and towels steamed. ● shorter nursing time, please breastfeeding frequently. ● Please wash your hands frequently before touching the nipple and nipple. * In the case of depression, squamous nipple ● Warm the breast in the hot towel to actively breast milk secretion, please use the nipple protector from the open well of the mammary gland in the nipple massage.

  • Precautions

    Please do, such as boiling, microwave oven, chemical disinfection Before use ●. Is put immediately in warm water after breast-feeding, please wash well upside down. ● Since those outdated may lead to an accident, please replace it as soon as possible. ● Please consult your doctor and discontinue use if there is pain. ● It is very delicate nipples of the hull. Please wash while pressing the tip of the nipple with a finger field when you wash with, such as cleaning brush.

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