Pigeon baby bottle KG-120 Deluxe (A-059)

Pigeon baby bottle KG-120 Deluxe (A-059)

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  • Product Introduction

    "Pigeon bottle glass 120ml" is less likely to scratch made of heat-resistant glass, is a baby bottle able to use your in a sanitary manner so easy to dirt. "Pigeon", Inc., repeated studies of the baby suckling movement for many years, is a baby bottle nipples of a shape close to breast milk that was born from the research function. Nipple is a shape close to the tits of mom, such as when the baby is drinking breast milk, is the shape and softness to fit into the tightly mouth. In the entire bottle has a round (bottom is nearly square), dissolve quickly the powdered milk. In addition, adopting the easy to hold difficult rolling shape. You can subtly adjust the flow rate of the milk in the cap. You can microwave, boiling, chemical disinfection. With nipple made of silicone rubber S size.

  • Product Use

    · After use, the nipple is the fir wash, bottle was thoroughly cleaned using a brush, please go to boiling, chemical disinfection. • Each time you use, please inspect or does not have cracks or scratches. - There is possibility of damage to give a sudden shock, such as dropping from a high place.

  • Precautions

    (Note) glass bottle is fragile. Since it becomes a cause of injury, please note the following points. ● skips or debris when the crack, you may owe a big injury with a sharp cross-section. ● or dropped, you crack an impact, such as crush is applied. Please pay attention to handling. The ● milk formula, be sure to once by boiling, please use the hot water cooling to more than 70 degrees. Such as cracked and suddenly put the hot water immediately after boiling because it is cold and the bottle in the winter, it may cause burns. ● When cool, there is a risk of break and quenched with such as ice water. Please slowly cooled always in the water reservoir such as running water and cooking bowl ●. ● cracks each time you intend to use, (such as in particular threaded portion, small scratches and chipping) scratches Please make sure there is no. If there are scratches and chipping, because it may cut your hands or crack, please swop new ones. ● The children, please do not have is never alone. Dropped or, is dangerous cracked when the Dari fell. Since the cause of the (attention) burn, please note the following points. ● When milk formula will be hotter bottle. Please note the burns. ● be milk tone beside the children, please stop. There is a risk of burns. ● Please breastfeeding from and be sure to check the temperature of the milk and drink. There is a risk of burns. ● After the boil and after microwave disinfection, it will also be hot bottle. Please note the burns. ● the timing milk, spouting the contents and shake the bottle in a vertical, there is the danger that is a risk of burns. Also, shake and set the hood, there is the danger that is a risk of increased leakage and spouting the internal pressure of the bottle by the high temperature of the hot water. ● bottle is intended to give the baby of breast-feeding and other drinks. Please do not use for any other purpose. ● scale of the bottle is a standard for milk formula. If you need more precise accuracy, please use the lightweight cups and lightweight spoon.

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