Atopita Whole Body Baby Soap Bubble Type "Refill" (300ML)

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  • Description of item

  • "Atopita systemic baby soap bubble type Refill 300ml" has been developed based on the basic skin care of the baby of problem skin, dry skin, is a refill of "Alouette Atopita systemic baby soap (foam type)".
     Focusing on freshly laid moist your skin, your skin moist and moisturizing "moisturizing ingredients (lanolin fatty acid cholesteryl: moisturizer)" it has been formulated.
     Even during the sebum made with natural ingredients that are present with the "soap", because the cleaning agent as a main component amino acid-based cleaning ingredients, wash gently moist problem skin and dry skin.
     In creamy lather, without too much it takes the sebum, wash from the hair, face up to the whole body.
     Fragrance-free, it is a non-colored, preservative-free, allergy-tested. (For those of all, it does not mean allergy does not occur.)

  • how to use

  • (1) Remove the pump
     Remove the pump of "Atopita moisturizing systemic foam soap" pump bottle and set it aside in a bottle on a flat place.
     Cut (2)
     Please taken along the line from the pack the top of the cut.
     (3) pack the rice cake diagonally, please poured the contents in slowly so as not to spill bottle.
     (4) Refill after
     Please tightly closed until the pump is fixed to the bottle.
     Before changing packed ※, wash well the bottle, please dry well. (Since there is a possibility that no longer out foam, please do not wash pump.)
     ※ Because there is that jump out the contents and squeezing, please note.
     ※ Please do not refill the pump bottle of non-Atopita moisturizing systemic foam soap.
     ※ other liquid soap, please do not mix with the body soap.
     ※ This is not a food.


  • ● If it gets into your eyes, please rinse immediately.
     ● Please do not use when you do not fit in or if your skin is wrong with your skin.
     ● Please keep out of reach of children.

  • Ingredients

  • Water, DPG, cocamidopropyl betaine, lauroyl methyl alanine Na, Kokamidomechiru MEA, lanolin fatty acid cholesteryl, wormwood extract, BG, lauric acid, TEA, polyglyceryl-10, citric acid lauric acid, EDTA-2Na

  • Nutritional Information

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