Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Hananoa (300ML)

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  • Description of item

  • "Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Hananoa nose cleaning nose gargle cleaning equipment + cleaning solution 300ml" is, in the nasal wash instrument put a dedicated nose cleaning agent by the nose gargle, firmly wash away the intruding bacteria and pollen as far as it will go. The nose gargle, is a way out of the mouth to put the cleaning solution from the nose. Since this cleaning solution is a component concentration close to the body fluids of the person, even taking from the nose does not stimulate the mucous membrane, there is no Tsun and the pain, such as when it entered the water of the pool. Refreshing spread mint aroma of up to the back of the nose, you can get a refreshing sense of exhilaration.

  • how to use

  • 1. Put the cleaning solution to wash equipment (standard: about 10ml per nostril), has in the direction in which the character can be read in the "planting" of the nozzle portion, please put lightly the tip into the hole in the nose. 2. orientation on lightly, while discharging slowly breath, pinch the abdomen of cleaning equipment, please by pouring a cleaning liquid little by little. * Inhale through the nose, so want a danger that washing fluid enters the bronchi and lungs, please poured naturally. * Cleaning solution is not poured at once, please poured in several small portions. Please by discharging a cleaning solution that has flowed to the outlet 3.. 4. After washing in the same manner in the hole of the other of the nose, remove the nozzle, dry wash cleaning equipment, please clean storage.


  • 1. Do not use this product in children. 2. If you are receiving the treatment of ear, nose and throat, to consult a doctor before use. 3. After cleaning, it does not bite the strong nose. 4. Using only the cleaning of the nose, that you do not use in the eyes and ears. 5. enter not Be careful on day. Should, if the eyes, without rubbing, wash immediately with running water, if an abnormality is remains to consult a doctor with the package. 6. swallow the cleaning solution, and the case remains abnormal, In the unlikely event that an abnormality occurs during use, to consult a doctor with the package.

  • Ingredients

  • Purified water, sodium chloride, glycerin, fragrance, polysorbate 80, benzalkonium chloride (0.0035%), sodium edetate

  • Nutritional Information

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