Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Netsusama Sheet Fever Cooling Patch for baby (12 pieces)

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Netsusama Sheet Fever Cooling Patch for baby (12 pieces)

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A cooling sheet for babies that can be used for babies' sudden fever. Gentle on babies' delicate skin.

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  • Product Description

  • Close contact with quite right forehead. Less likely to peel off even hit the turn over, it is a pile specifications rash so-free fragrance-free coloring, weakly acidic. It is the size and the sensation that is suitable to the forehead of the baby. By moisture contained in the gel is to absorb and dissipate heat, it obtained a certain cooling effect (gel uses friendly water-soluble polymer base skin). Parabens blended. For babies (0-2 years old for).

  • How to Use

  • ● Peel off the transparent film, please put quite right to the part you want to cool.
    ※ After opening folded twice along the cut on the dotted line, as unused does not touch the outside air, please keep it in this box.
    ● If you are sweating, please use from the well wipe. In addition, please be avoided when possible and repeat the re-paste, is sticking it will be worse.
    ● cooling effect lasts for about 4 hours. (There is that the cooling time by the exothermic temperature becomes shorter. If you no longer feel the effect, please replace it.)
    ● use of this product, please as long as a single one-time on the health and functional.
    ● Store, such as in the refrigerator, and become your chilled, and even more of the cooling effect can be obtained. (Please do not put in the freezer compartment. There is a possibility that the product features are inferior.)


  • ● strong discomfort (itching, pain, etc.) child to the skin or not feel, abnormal skin (Halle, such as rash), etc. it appears, if you feel does not match the skin to stop using. If the abnormality in the skin is left on the bring this product, consult, such as to the skin specialist.
    ● infants, such as body handicapped person, when the use of it is difficult to use on their own, or paste to the mouth and nose, there is a possibility that can not be breathing or put in the mouth, always guardian or under the nurses of supervision, be careful enough.
    ● Because this product is not a medicine, when the high fever or fever persists consult a doctor.
    ● abnormal skin (wounds, burns, burns, such as by sunburn) do not use the site there is.
    ● Since after opening decreases the cooling effect is gradually, to use as soon as possible.
    ● Avoid high temperature of the place, as much as possible to store in a cool, dark place.

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