Activity monitor HJA-310-PK (1 piece)

Activity monitor HJA-310-PK (1 piece)

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  • Description of item

  • "Omron activity meter calories scan HJA-310-PK Peach" is, work hard today for tomorrow's reward, is an activity meter that supports the diet Petit effort. ● Information diet effort of every day. To achieve the degree of target calorie consumption of the 1-month calories necessary to diet goals of the month is seen ● 1 day, 2 kinds of mark inform ● announce the guideline for goals ● easy-to-understand numerical value you want to see, and operation cheap button ● measuring the number of footsteps, the total calorie consumption display, amount of fat burned display, time display, 7-day memory, the target total calorie consumption display

  • how to use


  • Display: Total calories: 0-59.999kcal target total calories: 0-59.999kcal number of steps: 0-99.999 step amount of fat burned: 0.0-999g goal activity time: 0-1.440 minutes Time: 24-hour display reward Calories: 0 -6 pieces memory: 7 days setting gender: male / female age: 6-99-year-old body weight: 10-136kg (1kg unit) Height: 100-199cm (1cm unit) weight loss target value: 0.0- (body weight * 0.04) kg (0.1kg unit) time: 0:00 to 23:59 the power supply: DC3V (lithium battery CR2032 * 1 piece) battery life: about 6 months (12 hours time of mounting 1, 2008)

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