OMRON body fat scale (HBF-212)

OMRON body fat scale (HBF-212)

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  • Product Introduction

    "Omron body composition meter body scan HBF-212" is, adapt to living space, it is a simple and compact body composition meter. ● simple functions and high-speed measurement ● easy to clean, flat design does not claim ● compact size (magazine size), so convenient storage, it can be used widely rooms

  • Precautions

    If you can not correctly measure ● If such as the following, you may not be able to correctly body composition. And a terrible person / dialysis patient / body builders and sports density of people / bone in human / pregnancy in heat generation is very low osteoporosis patient / edema and child / elderly / cold growing season to occupation body composition, such as close to people, the body water content of a person or to it there are, because there is a possibility the average value and the difference is large.

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