KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Nodonuru Wet Aroma-Mask for Use During Sleep (3sheets )

KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Nodonuru Wet Aroma-Mask for Use During Sleep (3sheets )

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A wet mask that moisturizes throat with a steaming effect of its wet filter. Moisture inside the filter is turned into steam by breath and keeps your throat moisturized until the next morning with its plenty of moisture. Made with breathable non-woven fabric and specially designed filter, you can breath easily during sleep.
This pleated type mask has scents such as eucalyptus, green, cedar wood as well as lavender and makes you feel comfortable.

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  • How to Use

  • (1) wet filter was removed from the aluminum bag, put on the inside of the pocket of the mask is on a recess. ※ You can use any time during the day.
    (2) the nose fit wire against the mouth of the pocket side of the mask to fit in the nose, is attached.
    (3) vertically extending the mask, spread to cover Agomade.

  • Precautions

  • ● on the health and functional, use of filters and wet mask is a one-time, not re-use.
    ● wet filter is opened immediately prior to use.
    ● to those who are abnormal in infants and respiratory is not used.
    ● scratches on the skin, swelling, do not use if you have, such as abnormal eczema.
    ● redness during and after use and use, swelling, if the itching, abnormal, such as irritation appeared to discontinue use.
    ● Do not use in order to prevent toxic dust, gas and the like.
    ● or feel sick at the smell of the mask, it is when it becomes suffocating to stop using.
    ● Store out of reach of children.
    ● Do not use who can not be attached to and detached from this product by their own volition.

  • Ingredients

  • ● target: cold, drying, etc.
    Material ●: Body / polypropylene, ear rubber / polyester, polyurethane, wet filter / pulp, rayon, polyethylene
    ● mask size :( approximately) Vertical 9.0cm × horizontal 17.5cm
    ※ The wet filter has been formulated paraben, fragrance.

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