"Mukumicure" Nighttime Compression Socks (1 Pair)

"Mukumicure" Nighttime Compression Socks (1 Pair)

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  • Product Introduction

    Just slide these on at night and wake up feeling totally refreshed!

    These snug-fitting compression socks are woven with a special pattern that is designed to stimulate your legs while you sleep.

    There are special studs along the calf for a pleasant massaging feeling and the back of the knee is covered by a breathable, mesh fabric.

    Long type for full leg coverage.
    Cute pink and lavender color.

    "Good night for Mukumikyua SM size 1 foot" is, wearing pressure socks to the next morning clean in only foil while sleeping, socks for tightening. To clean the legs of uneven knitting stimulus, lift and squeeze the legs at the stage tightening pressure. Press grain Masser with which intensively stimulates the calf, knitted knee back mesh prevent the bite, is a long type that wraps around the entire leg comfortably. Cute Healing Pink / aroma lavender color.

  • Product Use

    To wear before going to bed, please take off when that happened the next morning. 1. Preface haul the socks, put a toe. 2. Align the position of pulling the heel to the ankle Atari. 3. both hands in pulling up little by little, so that you hit the mesh knitted part to back knee. Please do not be wrinkles. 4. raising wear until the thighs. The knee back knitted mesh, 4 main line of socks, please to come to the front of the calf right behind and thighs.

  • Precautions

    ● The following people, please consult your doctor before wearing. 1. Currently, the higher a person 2. blood pressure to feel the swelling and fatigue of the leg due to illness or injury, people with disabilities, such as the heart, kidney 3. Currently, the person 4. blood circulation disorders that cause itching and rashes please do not be able to wrinkles and sagging toward ● during use which may cause was. Please do not Tame the dough, especially on the back knee. ● Please do not use the ones that do not fit the size. Or feel sick ●, itching, rash, please discontinue use immediately if you feel an abnormality, such as pain.

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