Arau Baby bubble whole body soap (450ml)

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  • Description of item

  • "Arau. Baby (Arrau baby) foam whole body soap body 450ml" is a baby body shampoo Araiageru by the force of the additive-free soap + natural herbal plant material. To clean the skin with natural herbal oil blend of lavender and lime, natural herbal extract formulation of perilla and Rose Marie, soothes your skin. In bubble whole body soap made for your skin delicate baby, gently washes the refreshing smooth. Synthetic surfactants, coloring agents, flavoring agents, such as preservatives no additives.

  • how to use

  • ● take an appropriate amount hands and like a sponge, after washing gently, please do thoroughly rinsed. ● Turn the use nozzle portion of the form pump to the left, from raising the pump, please press. Please be sure to refill the "Arau. (Refill) Baby bubble whole body soap" ※ refill note ※. Pump failure or when you use the other product, it may not be in a foam.


  • ● Do not use when the skin flaws, there is an abnormality, such as eczema. ● redness, itching, and when an abnormality, such as appeared stimulus discontinue use and consult a specialist. ● When swallowed to the treatment of such water to drink. ● When the liquid enters the eyes wash well immediately with running water. ● Keep out of reach of children.

  • Ingredients

  • Water Bodies potash soap, glycerin, citric acid, lavender oil, lime oil, mint extract, rosemary extract, BG

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