Kobayashi Dental micro interdental brush L-shaped (10 pieces)

Kobayashi Dental micro interdental brush L-shaped (10 pieces)

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  • Product Introduction

    "Kobayashi Pharmaceutical micro interdental brush micro size SSSS L-shaped 10 pieces of" is interdental brush L-shaped micro-size (for people narrow between the teeth). Remove the plaque-eating debris between the teeth, which is said to be the cause of dental caries, periodontal disease. Adopted the ultra-fine wire, it can be inserted smoothly in the narrow space between the teeth. Adopt an easy-to-use L-shaped in between the back teeth of the teeth. Uneasy likely spread between the teeth, is recommended for the first one.

  • Product Use

    (1) while looking in the mirror, gums and vertical slowly inserted into the interdental portion so as not to damage the, please and clean move finely back and forth. (For narrow tooth wire so that it can be used in between is easy to bend in the ultra-fine, please use slowly.) (Please do not use bend the wire itself. Will cause the wire is broken.) (2) back teeth of teeth between, upon cleaning alternately from both outside, inside, and even increases the cleaning effect. ※ or become likely broken wire, which elasticity is lost, it is not used because they may swallow broken. (3) After use, well wash, please dried.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    ● material and pattern of the material: The material of the polystyrene cap: polypropylene, wool material: Nylon ● heat-resistant temperature: 80 degrees

  • Precautions

    ● The nature of the product, the product has become thinner, breaking and put excessive force, bend, because it causes such as hair loss, slow to use without a force. ● If you have difficulty to insert narrow between the teeth because it can damage the teeth and gums, do not forcibly insert Dari rotation. ● it may if the gums are weak is bleeding, but the bleeding will be less and less with the use of every day. If the bleeding persists, refrain from the use and consult a dentist. ● Store in a location out of the reach of children. ● Because this product is a brush used to clean between the teeth, do not use for any purpose other than cleaning between the teeth. ● if it is difficult to enter a narrow brush between the teeth, please use the "dental floss".

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