MediQtto Sleep MediQtto Cool Long M (1 piece)

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寝ながらメディキュット クール ロングタイプ アイスブルーは、寝ている間も美脚ケアをしたい女性のための「寝ながらメディキュットシリーズ」。夏専用の着圧ソックス。脈が通っている膝裏・足首部分に接触冷感性に優れた旭化成の「メープルクール(R)」を使用し、夏でもひんやりサラッとした快適な履き心地を実現しました。編み方も通気性にこだわったメッシュ風編み。サーモグラフィテストでは20%のクール効果アップ(※1)が実証されています。
※1 当社比「寝ながらロング」との足首・膝部分の比較

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  • Product Introduction

    Product features

    Medikyutto Cool Long type ice blue while sleeping, "while sleeping Medikyutto series" for women who also want to legs care while you sleep. Summer dedicated wearing pressure socks. Using pulse is are back knee-ankle part to contact cold feeling in excellent Asahi Kasei of that through the "Maple Cool (R)", has achieved a comfortable comfort which was also cool smooth in the summer. Knitting also mesh-style knit stuck to the breathability. 20% of the cool effect up in the thermography test (※ 1) has been proven. ※ 1 Comparison of ankle-knee portion of the Company's ratio of "long while sleeping"

    raw materials

    Polyester, nylon, cupra, polyurethane

    Specification method

    ● wear before going to bed, please take off when that happened the next morning. ● If you are not familiar with some of the support force socks, you may first tight feel. ● If you are new to the product, after receiving the trial to 1-2 hours prior to going to bed, please use. ● If uncomfortable, take off as soon as possible, the use of the bedtime of the day I will stop, please try another day.


    ● Remove the ring or the like before wear, please smooth the nails of the hands and feet. Or set up a nail ●, please do not at once pulled up. ● Because there is a support force, please pull up slowly with caution. (1) Remarks haul the socks, put a toe. (2) pulled up to the ankle, and align the position of the heel. (3) knitting divided portions are combined in the knee, extend the wrinkles of the knee back. (4) pulled up on the knee evenly little by little, it will wear. (Please together so that the two of hearts comes to the center of the knee.)

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