KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Breathcare "Refill" 100 tablets

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「ブレスケア ミント つめ替用 100粒」は、水で飲む息清涼カプセル(詰め替え用)です。水で飲むと清涼成分(メントール・パセリオイル)を配合したカプセルがお腹に直接届き、お腹の中から息リフレッシュします。ニンニク料理・アルコールの後などにどうぞ。ミント味。50粒×2袋入り。

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  • Description of item

  • "Buresukea mint nail 100 grain for the exchange" is a breath freshening capsule to drink with water (refill). Drink with water and capsule blended with the refreshing ingredients (menthol, parsley oil) is to reach directly to the stomach, and breath refreshed from the inside of the stomach. Pleasing, such as after the garlic cooking, alcohol. Mint taste. 50 grain × 2 bags.

  • how to use

  • Please swallow along with the drink, such as water without chewing.
     Once the recommended dose: 2-3 tablets, when anxious 3-4 tablets


  • ● Read the instructions carefully, please, and save it.
     ● Please eat as soon as possible after opening.
     ● It may be difficult to take out rarely stick the capsule with each other, but there is no abnormality in the quality of the product. Please take out so as to hit the lightly container.
     ● This product does not affect the concentration of alcohol in the blood.

  • Ingredients

  • Sunflower seed oil
     Parsley oil
     Aspartic acid Na
     Antioxidants (bayberry extract)
     Sweetener (neotame)
     Edible Green No. 3

  • Nutritional Information

  • (Per 100 tablets)
     Energy 97kcal
     Protein 3.8g
     Lipid 7.9g
     Carbohydrate 2.6g
     Sodium 1.8-74mg

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