Mulberry de green juice value pack (2Gx50 packages)

Mulberry de green juice value pack (2Gx50 packages)

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  • Product Introduction

    "Hoe de green juice economical 2g × 50 bags" is, in mulberry Hazue, is a green juice powder blended green tea and spore lactic acid bacteria, such as vitamins. The mulberry leaves, flavonoids, chlorophyll, dietary fiber, the green tea contains, such as catechins. Beginning towards the prime of life, it is ideal for those want to be healthy. Only dissolve in water or milk, you can easily enjoy. It is recommended, such as in salad instead of the busy breakfast.

  • Product Use

    ● enjoy a guideline a day 2-3 bags as food. ● please enjoy dissolved in water or milk, etc. of this product one bag cup half (about 90cc). ● (water, the amount of milk, etc. Please according to your preference.)

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Mulberry Hazue maltitol indigestible dextrin Matcha spore lactic acid bacteria eggshell calcium vitamin C niacin vitamin E pantothenic acid calcium vitamin B6 vitamin B1 vitamin A folic acid vitamin D3 vitamin B12 (including some of the raw soybeans)

  • Nutritional Information

    1 bag (2g) per energy 5.35kcal protein 0.19g lipid 0.07g Carbohydrate 1.13g sodium 0.97mg dietary fiber 0.38g total chlorophyll 3.16mg

  • Precautions

    * We use the raw materials of natural products because there is a case that variations in color occurs, but it does not have any problem with quality. * Allergy, etc., please consult your doctor before those who are disease to eat. If you do not excellent physical condition, please discontinue temporary use.

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