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meiji Mirufi HP (850g)

meiji Mirufi HP (850g)

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  • Product Introduction

    "Meiji Mirufi HP 850g", the flavor is easy to drink well, is the infant milk powder milk allergy. Disassemble the whey protein, which is also included in the breast milk, the allergenicity (up millionth about one of normal milk) enough has been reduced. Beyond comparison with traditional allergy for milk bitter and amino acid odor is weak, making it very easy to drink for the baby. Lactose does not include any. Blending fructooligosaccharide and nucleotide, it has become a good fly resistance. In addition, balanced mix of α- linolenic acid and linoleic acid to make DHA, while close to that of breast milk as far as possible the whole of the fatty acid composition, so that the digestion and absorption of fat increases, consideration so that the burden on the digestive tract becomes less doing. In addition, it has become a near osmotic pressure to breast milk. In a more soluble kind grain flour handy container, easily Reconstituted. As milk allergen-removing foods and lactose-free food for special dietary use has received the approval of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

  • Product Use

    1. place to Reconstituted powdered milk is cleaned and disinfected, let's kept clean. 2. tone before the milk is let's clean Wash your hands with soap and the like. 3. baby bottle and milk formula instrumentation Let's always cleaning and disinfection. 4. After the hot water is boiled once at the time of milk formula, let's using more than 70 degrees. 5. necessary milk powder was placed in a bottle, put about two-thirds of the amount of finished 70 degrees or more of hot water after boiling, so as not to scatter the milk, put the nipple and cover, dissolve the milk shake well. Hot water after boiling until the finished amount also, you plus hygienic Yuzamashi. 6. devote immediately running water is milk formula milk at 70 degrees or more, put the container with cold water or ice water, let cool until the breast-feeding can be temperature (about body temperature). 7. Before you give the milk to the baby, with or hanging a small amount of milk on the inside of the arm, let's be sure to confirm whether made to a temperature suitable for breast-feeding (about body temperature). 8. do not drink the drink left and make every of milk, one batch and Reconstituted, let's breast-feeding as soon as possible.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Dextrin, essential fatty acids adjustment fat, whey protein hydrolyzate, fructo-oligosaccharides, modified starch, glycerophosphate Ca, phosphate K, iron pyrophosphate, chloride Ca, hydroxide K, chloride Mg, carbonate Ca, inositol, VC, hydroxide Na, tryptophan, phenylalanine, taurine, tyrosine, histidine, zinc sulfate, cytidylate Na, nicotinic acid amide, VE, pantothenic acid Ca, VA, VD, uridylate Na, guanylate Na, inosine acid Na, 5'-AMP, copper sulfate, V.B2, V.B1, V.B6, folic acid, carotene, V.K2, V.B12

  • Nutritional Information

    (Product per 100g) Energy 462kcal · Protein 11.7g · lipid 17.2g · carbohydrate 66.2g · dietary fiber 0g · sodium 170mg · vitamin A360μg · vitamin B1 0.6g · vitamin B2 0.9g · vitamin B6 0.3g · vitamin B12 4μg vitamin C 50mg · vitamin D6.3μg · vitamin E6mg · vitamin K24μg · niacin 6mg · pantothenic acid 3.9mg · folic acid 200μg · β- carotene 68μg · zinc 3mg · potassium 550mg · calcium 370mg · iron 6.4g · copper 310μg · magnesium 41mg Lynn 205mg · fructooligosaccharides 2.2g · α- linolenic acid 0.46g linoleic acid 1.8g · inositol 98mg · chlorine 320mg · nucleotide 14mg taurine 46mg · ash 2.4g · moisture 2.5%

  • Precautions

    ● Please store at room temperature away from direct sunlight. ● dry wash after using a dedicated spoon, please hygienically stored without taking into cans. ● After opening the can is, moisture, insects, dust, please tighten the lid so as not to enter, such as hair. ● After opening the can is, away from moisture, and store it in a cool, clean, dry place, please do not have a refrigerator or the like. ● expiration date (opening the can before) is it is mentioned in the bottom of the can. ● After opening the can, please to use up as soon as possible (within one month).

  • Important

    The import regulations for powdered milk vary with each country.
    Please make sure to check local regulations before making your purchase.

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