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  • Product Introduction

    "Meiji Smile Easy cube 21.6g × 5 bags" is a "Meiji smile" gently infant milk powder of the cube type of firm. It is a milk powder that was born from the analysis of more than 4,000 mothers of breast milk "milk investigation" and over a period of more than 40 years "development research". Based on the result of the "milk Survey", to enhance the arachidonic acid (ARA) contained in breast milk, it has been blended to a concentration in the range of milk with DHA.
    Since not need spoon in solid type, there is no hassle of leveling. You can see at a glance some put. Or spilled, it does not or scattered. From 0 months to 1-year-old birthday.
    ※ "Meiji smile Easy Cube" is because it is the same nutrients as the "Meiji smile (granule type)", you can use together.
    ※ even if the cube is broken, nutrition component does not change.

    ● surprisingly melts well!
    It is in the shape of a cube stuck in melted ease. Both sides of the four depression, it is easier to melt.

    ● 1 single shape that standing in the world
    Anytime, anywhere, anyone, Easy!
    Meiji smile was solidified as it is! Nothing without the addition of an additive, was firm as it is the Meiji smile. Because it is the same nutrients as the granule type, you can use together.

    ● powdered milk instead of 1-year-old breast milk to birthday daily
    Japan's first! Compounding! Arachidonic acid (ARA) 67mg formulation to the extent of breast milk, DHA100mg blended.
    Meiji smile is a milk powder that was formulated only in Japan, arachidonic acid (ARA) to the extent of breast milk.
    It arachidonic acid (ARA) and the DHA is important to the growth and development of the baby, it has been demonstrated in many studies, have been formulated so as to provide a concentration in the range of mother's milk.

    ● it is a milk powder that was born from the mother's milk science.
    We are aiming the same growth and breastfeeding at 20 million people of the development research and 4,000 of breast milk survey.

  • Product Use

    ■ milk formula method

    ● to clean your hands and Reconstituted one batch, please use within 2 hours after milk formula. Please do not give leave to drink.
    (1) cut the opening port of the bag, has served with finger in illustration surface, put the required amount of cubes to disinfect the baby bottle.
    (2) the hot water that was cooled after boiling (70 degrees or more), put about two-thirds of the finished amount, so as not to splash the milk, put the nipple and cover, dissolve Shake well so as to draw a circle (about 10 seconds ). Since the bottle is hot, please be careful not to burn.
    (3) finished hot water after boiling until the amount of or plus Yuzamashi after boiling,.
    (4) swinging lightly with the nipple and cover, please to cool by, for example, immersed in water. Please give always drink from sure that you are cool to about body temperature.

    (If you left cube)
    ● folding the top of the bag, please keep stop clip or the like.
    ● If you want to use the remaining cubes, it is convenient to receive your cut and cut of the bag.
    ● After opening the bag, please use as soon as possible (within 1 week).

  • Materials / Ingredients

    ● major mixture
    Dairy ingredients other than milk or milk products (lactose, whey protein, buttermilk, casein, milk phospholipid extract) 68.1%, fat than milk fat (lard fractionated oil, soybean white refined oil, palm kernel oil, purified fish oil, arachidonic acid-containing oil) 25.3%, non-sugar (soluble polysaccharide lactose, fructooligosaccharides) 4.2%

  • Nutritional Information

    (Per 100g)
    Energy: 506kcal, Protein: 11.1 g, lipids: 26.1 g, carbohydrates: 57.7 g, sodium: 140 mg, Vitamin A: 390μg, Vitamin B1: 0.4 mg, Vitamin B2: 0.6 mg, Vitamin B6: 0.3 mg, Vitamin B12: 2 [mu] g, vitamin C: 70 mg, vitamin D: 6.5μg, vitamin E: 6.2 mg, vitamin K: 25 [mu] g, niacin: 3 mg, pantothenic acid: 4.3 mg, folic acid: 100 [mu] g, beta-carotene: 70 [mu] g, zinc: 3 mg, potassium: 490 mg, calcium: 380 mg, selenium: 10.4μg, iron: 6 mg, copper: 320 [mu] g, magnesium: 40 mg, phosphorus: 210 mg, cholesterol: 74 mg, fructooligosaccharides: 2.0 g, arachidonic acid: 67 mg, alpha-linolenic acid: 0.43 g, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid): 100 mg, linoleic acid: 3.6 g, phospholipids: 250 mg, alpha-lactalbumin: 1.0 g, beta-lactoglobulin: 0.5-1.0g, inositol: 90 mg, chlorine: 310 mg, taurine: 28 mg, nucleotides : 14mg, lactadherin: 20-25mg, carnitine: 10mg
    (Other Components) Ash: 2.3 g, water content: 2.8%

  • Precautions

    ● without melting the cube, please do not be given as it is.
    ● in accordance with the constitution and health status of the baby, doctors, pharmacists, midwives, public health nurses, nurse, registered dietitian, please consult a nutritionist.
    ● bags that got off to a once sealed, please do not keep left open.
    ● humid or near the fire, where it is exposed to direct sunlight, please do not put it in, such as in a summer car. Also, please do not put in the refrigerator or freezer.
    ● squeezing from the top of the bag, and dropped or you may cube is broken. Please do not apply strong impact.

  • Important

    The import regulations for powdered milk vary with each country.
    Please make sure to check local regulations before making your purchase.

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