SK-II LXP Ultimate Perfecting Cream (50g)

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  • Product Introduction

    Beauty cream

    For skin that doesn't feel its age - firm and full of moisture.

    Contains Skin Regenerating ActiV™ and Highest Concentrated Pitera™ for skin full of transparency and elasticity from within. Restores skin to its natural, healthy state. The rich cream drenches your skin with moisture and radiance.

  • Product Use

    Lotion, after a beauty essence, took the large pearl particle size, warm lightly stretched in both the palm of your hand. It relies let soften press the palm of the hand to the entire face.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Typical components: Japan's super-concentrated Pitera 1970s?. SK-II of scientists hand was shocked that there is surprisingly soft and beautiful of the master brewer is to discover the wonderful ingredients that lead to beautiful skin, was named "Pitera?". SK-II of scientists continue to study the ideal step to maximize the Pitera? Of the force over the years, we have finally succeeded in concentrating the Pitera?. It is the super-concentrated SK-II Pitera?. Come on, please to experience the super-concentrated SK-II Pitera? That was used only to SK-II masterpiece · LXP Ultimate Perfecting series. Senteraekisu: LXP Ultimate one and only luxury ingredients to Perfecting series has been formulated. It is, Senteraekisu. This Centella asiatica (Japanese name: Centella asiatica) extract that has been extracted from the scientists of SK-II is China, India, Madagascar, is a valuable component found in warm regions such as Central America. Rose Absolute: Absolute extracted from the flower arrangement of natural Rose St. Four rear. Is only harvested in May in France of the Grasse region, use the "Rose de main (Rouse de Mai)," which is said to be the most elegant scent in the world. In the care of while feeling the smell, the mind also meet. Other components Information: water / glycerin / Garakutomisesu culture liquid (milk) / niacinamide / lauroylglutamic di (octyl dodecyl / phytosteryl / behenyl) / isononanoic acid ethylhexyl / BG / Toriechiruhekisanoin / diethyl hexane acid neopentyl glycol / jojoba seed oil / poly cotton seed fatty acid sucrose / glyceryl stearate (SE) / myristyl myristate / hydrogenated coco-glycerides / Penchirengurikoru / stearic acid sorbitan / PEG stearic acid? 40 / myristyl alcohol / batyl alcohol / polyacrylamide / panthenol / tocopherol acetate / polysorbate 65 / benzyl alcohol / tri (caprylic / capric acid) glyceryl / hydrogenated polyisobutene / methyl paraben / hydrogenated lecithin / EDTA? 2Na / laureth? 7 / Chris Mumm Marichi Mumm extract / ethyl paraben / perfume / aspartic acid Mg / zinc gluconate / hydroxide Na / tea leaf extract / decylglucoside / copper gluconate / Saccharomyces cerevisiae extract / palmitoyl dipeptide? 7 / acetyl hexapeptide? 8 / hexapeptide? 3

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