SK-II Facial Treatment Mask 1 sheet


Discovered "Pitera" of liquid a special yeast is generated at the time of issue, is a brand that provides a beautiful skin to all the women [SK-II]. SK-II result scientists of the research from the 1970s, offers a "clear skin that goes beyond the era" to all women. Since the SK-II is offering a trial kit, you can ask for beautiful skin a sense of transparency and confidence in women to use for the first time SK-II. Product is brand to provide "Pitera basic care, aging care, whitening whitening care, Prestige line, base-up makeup" to expand the a wide series, the beautiful skin to all women. >See more products of this brand.

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask 1 sheet

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  • Product Introduction

    Plenty of treatment at the SK-II Pitera?. Moist Uruou intensive mask. Skin trim the original work SK-II Pitera? Plenty included to face the entire mask of the. Drying the concentrated treatment, it leads to fresh skin full of moisture. And fiber technology sheet, fit to the entire face in the draping of the 12 locations.

  • Product Use

    Remove the mask from the bag, and spread gently. Place the mask from the part of the eye to match the shape of the eye, and to fit the entire face with your fingertips. After about 5 to 15 minutes, take the mask. Liquid remaining on the skin or wipe with lotion and rinse.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Typical ingredients:? Pitera and is a valuable component that is born from the natural fermentation of special yeast. Vitamins, amino acids, minerals, including an exquisite balance that can not be never reproduced by artificial and organic acids, and prepares the original work skin. Other components Information: water / Garakutomisesu culture liquid (milk) * / BG / xanthan gum / salicylic acid Na / methyl paraben / EDTA 2Na

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