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Tsubaki Volume Touch Shampoo Pump Type 500ml


Nature Shimiwatari cosmetic ingredients to the hair of which Shiseido Tsubaki derived from 100% natural, which made the concept of that stain to the core until the hair, to clean hair from the core. Moist summary, silky straight, soft shiny, Tsubaki in accordance with the three types of the concept of hair care brand to snuggle up to the trouble of women's hair. Lemon fruit water, botanical essence, soy protein, royal jelly, camellia oil essence and 5 Daibyo component is for us to boost the beauty of women's hair. For us to boost their own you would like to solve the problem if Tsubaki of cosmetic ingredients plenty prescription. >See more products of this brand.

Tsubaki Volume Touch Shampoo Pump Type 500ml

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  • Product Introduction

    The hair and scalp in the "camellia koji exploit Beauty" to W care, with disentangle the scalp, hair filled with moisture and to the core, until the touch of bliss to softness. Healthy Keep the background, it gives the Hari Kosi to the hair. Soft volume up of the washing up.

    Beauty exploit this only simple camellia koji
    «Camellia koji exploit Beauty»

    Tsubakikoji S (camellia koji fermentation extract, sorbitol: hair scalp flexible moisturizing) to spread the up background, beauty regimen to be used to massage.


    Background to and rely on the belly of the finger, wash firmly whipped while massaging over the pressure. It is also effective brushing with a shampoo brush.

    [Conditioner Treatment]

    Please let me rub so as to massage slide in the entire shampoo same background. When the warmer immediately sink OK. Hair also scalp also let rinse until the null with is eliminated.

    Professional voice! 86% of the hairdresser answers. "Kaminayami" is related to the scalp care
    In order to foster a beautiful hair, "blood flow" in the background to deliver nutrients to the hair it is important. The results of the study, it is a deep relationship of the "background of softness (elasticity)" and "blood flow" was discovered. "Background of softness (elasticity)" also make a beautiful hair, it had become a major key.

    Data: * 2015 January trend Research Institute - Beauty Trend Report - surveyed: 20's to 40's men and women 100 people

    * If a woman customer holds a beautician license has been working in the beauty salon, hair salon visit

  • Product Use

    ● wet well the hair and scalp, took the appropriate amount, and wash to massage the scalp in the belly of the finger. Then, rinse well.

    <Use initially>
    ● manually securing the cap, the head goes up and turn the nozzle to the left. (If you do not go up, please turn again to re-tighten the cap.)
    ● Please press several times the head until the next contents comes out.

  • Precautions

    ◇ Please rinse immediately when it reaches the eyes.
    ◇ Please put out of reach of children.
    ◇ If the pump is no longer move smoothly, please purchase a new body.

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