Craftsmanship soot bamboo ear 2 pcs (G-2153)

Craftsmanship soot bamboo ear 2 pcs (G-2153)

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  • Product Introduction

    2 pcs craftsmanship finest smoked bamboo ear is, use a fine smoked bamboo carefully selected. Is the ear that one by one skilled craftsmen was precisely molded. Because the finish is polished by thin hand the dish thinly carefully the axis, is per comfortable ear.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Bamboo: Made in Taiwan soot bamboo (hand polished finish)

  • Specifications

    Is that of an elongated rod-like tool to be used in the act of cleaning the hole in the ear.

  • Precautions

    ● Please do not use when the time and the ear of the disease that are wet in the ear, such as swimming or after a bath. ● not to damage the inside of the ear hole, please note the oysters too. Too put the ear to ear in the hole so as not to damage the eardrum ●, please do not force. ● (on making sure that does not have such people around) care to the surrounding environment, please use. ● order because there also be bent or broken by natural drying of natural materials (bamboo), please use the Always inspect. Please use to clean your hands ●. Should ●, if you feel abnormal, please consult a specialist. ● After use, please clean save clean wipe. ● is less moisture, please keep out of the reach of children. ● your only child, please stop it is dangerous for the user.

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