Senka Whitening Lotion with Essence - "Dewy" (200ml)


Senka is a brand developed to take care of their own among the every day, meet the busy modern woman feeling that you want to take care of the skin, waiting further, and positively support the no makeup. Face wash and wrap in a dense foam, to the makeup that was full of confidence in the makeup remover to wipe out dullness. Tsuyameki and fresh stick to the moisture body care, combined with the dense skin care that can be quickly in a limited time, from Senka comes the brand that brings the true tomorrow of healthy skin. >See more products of this brand.

Senka Whitening Lotion with Essence - "Dewy" (200ml)

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  • Product Introduction

    This whitening lotion with essence was created with Shiseido's high-pressure emulsification technology, giving it the moisturizing effects of a beauty serum.

    With vitamin C derivative, it suppresses excess melanin production and lightens existing dark spots and freckles. It also contains royal jelly and glycerin as well as hyaluronic acid to deeply moisturize the skin.

    Improves translucency and leaves skin feeling smooth to the touch, not sticky.

    This "dewy" formula is ultra moisturizing for dry skin.

    Lotion lotion that finishes freshly by the effect of beauty essence

    It is a fresh make-up water which realized the effect of beauty lotion by "micro moisture recipe" *. It penetrates to corners of corners to prevent spots and freckles, leading to a skin full of transparency. Lightening active ingredient Stable type Vitamin C derivative incorporated.

  • Product Use

    After facial cleansing, take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand and let it fit the whole face.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Active ingredient: L-ascorbic acid 2-glucoside, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate
    Other components: acetylated sodium hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate (2), royal jelly extract, purified water, dipropylene glycol, ethanol, 1.3-butylene glycol, concentrated glycerin, polyoxyethylene methyl glucoside, polyethylene glycol 1000, polyoxyethylene (14) polyoxypropylene (7) dimethyl ether, potassium hydroxide, polyoxyethylene hardened castor oil, sodium citrate, glyceryl tri-2 ethylhexanoate, polyglyceryl diisostearate, disodium edetate, sodium hydroxymethoxybenzophenone sulfonate, Citric acid, orange oil, lavender oil, paraoxybenzoic acid ester

  • Precautions

    ◇ Please use carefully on your skin carefully as to whether any abnormalities such as scratches and swelling, dampness, color loss (vitiligo etc.) or darkening have occurred. When it does not fit your skin, please stop using and consult a skin doctor etc.
    ◇ Please do not place in sun or high temperature.
    ◇ Please tighten the cap properly after use.
    ◇ Because this product contains royal jelly extract, the contents may be slightly yellowish, but there is no problem in quality.
    ◇ Please refill the whole amount after using up the contents.

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