Craftsmanship luxury nail clippers (G-1008)

Craftsmanship luxury nail clippers (G-1008)

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Product PR

匠の技 ステンレス製 高級つめきりは、厳選したステンレス刃物鋼を使用した爪切りです。高硬度焼入れと二度刃付け技術により、鋭利性と耐久性に優れています。最終仕上げにおいても、熟練のスペシャリストが1丁ごとに責任を持って調整しているので、素晴らしい切れ味が持続します。爪やすりを使用しなくても、美しい爪に仕上げる抜群の切れ味です。爪の細かな部分も楽に切れます。

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  • Product Introduction

    Product features

    Craftsmanship stainless steel luxury nail clippers is the nail clippers with carefully selected stainless steel cutlery. By high hardness quenching and twice blade with technology, and excellent sharpness and durability. In the final finish, because the skilled specialists are adjusted with the responsibility for each 1-chome, it will persist great sharpness. Without using a nail file, preeminent of sharpness to finish in beautiful nails. Small part of the nail also cut comfortably.

    raw materials

    The blade portion / stainless steel cutlery leverage / metal forming, (zinc die-casting) nickel-plated


    ● body is made of stainless steel, but after using it will be the original left and if rust remains, such as moisture or dirt is wiped off well, such as dirt, clean and in good place with low humidity air permeability please keep. ● If the unit is not to be used for a long time, please keep applying a commercially available rust preventive oil to the blade portion. ● Please keep out of reach of children there is no possibility that the feet or fall.

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