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SKATER Canteen One-touch Bottle 480ml Hyutto Sumikko Gurashi PSB5SAN

SKATER Canteen One-touch Bottle 480ml Hyutto Sumikko Gurashi PSB5SAN

※This item is not available on 「DOKODEMO」 at this moment.

  • Product Introduction

    A canteen with a cute character of "Gyutto Sumikko" that can be opened with a single touch of a button.
    Can be washed in the dishwater and dried up in the dryer.
    The mouth of the bottle is designed to make it easier for children to drink directly from the bottle!
    The bottle is light and easy to grip.
    It has a wide-sized mouth and is easy for you to put ice inside.

    Product Description

    ● lid is ready-to-drink with one-touch open of the push type, is a light plastic straight drinking water bottle. Cap lock design the lid does not return in time to drink ●. With shoulder belt that can be carried over the shoulder ●. ● easy shape that has been lightly. ● body ice is easy to put a wide-mouth type. ● because it is dishwasher correspondence, it is very convenient. ● named seal. ※ There is no cold effect. ※ Please do not hot stuff is put.

    [Product Details Size / width of about 9.5 (diameter 8.8) × height 19.6cm Contents / volume: 480 ml Material / Cap: AS resin body-cover belt stop: Polypropylene Packing: silicone resin spring pin: Stainless producing countries / Japan-made model number / PSB5SAN Remarks / dishwasher corresponding [heat-resistant temperature] cap: 100 degrees body lid belt stop: 120 degrees packing: 140 degrees

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