Zebra Mildliner Highlighters - Cool Colors (WKT7-5C-NC)

Zebra Mildliner Highlighters - Cool Colors (WKT7-5C-NC)

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  • Product Introduction

    These highlighters produce a mild color that is easy on the eyes.

    Conventional highlighter pens can be overwhelmingly bright and harsh. With these highlighters, you can make text standout without irritating your eyes.

    * Dual-tipped for both thick and fine fines
    * Soft onk color is gentle on eyes
    * Cotton cartridge

    Eye-friendly mild color with light color ink
    Speaking of the high frequency used in stationery writing instruments, you can imagine a highlighter. When I marked on the paper, the original letter collapsed and it returned, it was hard to see it, and despite the fact that I marked an important part, I had not experienced it because I could not readily input because the color of the fluorescence was dense Cow.

    Zebra's highlighter "Mild Liner" appeared to solve such troubles. Pale shades are gentle to eyes, line markers using ink colors that are hard to be blurred in eyes compared to conventional fluorescent pens when marking reference books and documents.

    It's light-colored, so it's easy to look back on later.
    I believe that it is most important to recover from later on, than anything else.

    It is a waste of time to get into a state where input is difficult due to poor visibility despite drawing time on important parts with time.

    Although it was too thick to be seen, the color of this mild liner is very light color, so even if it draws to sentences, the boundary between the line and the part not drawn is not clear, so you can continue to read without feeling uncomfortable. Also, because it is more calmer than traditional ones, it works not only in marking but also in various scenes such as "draw an enclosure in a note" or "paint illustrations" etc.

    Attention to ease of use not just ink
    A light-weight, thin color highlighter pen is popular among female students who like cute things, and men of society who wish to write information in the notebook in an easy-to-understand way in retrospect.

    Body color of the pen body is unusual "white" for the highlighter. As with the light color of the ink, the body of the pen is not too much color to assert.

    Moreover, because it uses a calm logo, it felt elegance, thanks to the design of the body color of the body of the pen, it has become easier to find from your pen case and bag.

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