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Dent Health Medicated Toothbrush SP

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  • Product specifications

  • Tranexamic acid, medicated toothpaste containing a combination such as cork tree bark extract. In four of the action of anti-inflammatory-tightening, promote blood circulation and sterilization, to prevent periodontal disease, gingivitis, bad breath. Fluorine blended. Quasi-drugs.

  • how to use

  • Take an appropriate amount to the toothbrush, brushing the teeth, also please to massage the gums.

  • Ingredients

  • ● wetting agent: sorbitol solution, PG ● cleaning agent: silicic anhydride A ● medicinal ingredient: Na chloride, sodium monofluorophosphate (fluorine), lauroyl sarcosine Na (LSS), isopropyl-les-methyl phenol (IPMP), tocopherol acetate ( vitamin E), tranexamic acid, cork tree bark extract ● foaming agent: lauryl sulfate Na, POE hardened castor oil, POE stearyl ether, coconut oil fatty acid amide propyl betaine solution ● viscosity modifier: anhydrous silicic acid, xanthan gum ● binders: Na alginate , carrageenan ● flavoring: flavoring (Medical harp mint type), saccharin Na ● flavoring agents: alum ● penetrant: PEG4000 ● stabilizer: oxidation Ti ● freshener: menthol ● pH adjusting agent: hydroxide Na ● buffer: citric acid Na ● preservatives: parabens


  • Please consult your doctor to bring the products to discontinue use when an abnormality, such as a rash appeared.

  • Effect-efficacy

  • Prevention of pyorrhea, prevention of gingivitis, prevent bleeding, prevention of bad breath, prevention of the occurrence and progression of dental caries, teeth whitening, to clean the mouth, to refreshing the mouth

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