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Kyusoku Jikan Pressure Point Stimulating Gel Sheet (12 Sheets)

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Product PR

Compression cubes and the high cooling effect of the gel sheet intensively stimulates acupuncture points of the sole of the foot.

It stimulates the sole of the foot comfortably like health sandals, with its high moisture content gels (PAC-55) and compression cubes that are attached to the sheet by the company’s own technology.
Designed to fit perfectly to the sole of the foot
Gentle on the skin, and it does not cause skin irritation.
Contains 5 kinds of herbs ingredients that have high relaxing effect, such as lavender, sage, rosemary, lemon, and orange.

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  • How to Use

  • When the stick while stretching the sheet with both hands and intensified pot stimulus.


  • ● around the eyes, mucous membranes, and please do not use in an area of ​​skin abnormality such as eczema, wound.

    ● after use or during use, when an abnormality appeared to redness, itching skin, immediately discontinue use, to bring products, please consult your doctor.

    ● Because of sheet pot stimulation can feel, the next morning, you may trace of irregularities on the sticking part remains. (It should be noted that the traces of the unevenness is no longer about 1 hour.)

    ● for quality retention, the unused portion is put in a bag, and folded neatly double the opening hole, so please sheet is not exposed to the outside air.

    ● If you wear shoes while put a sheet, that it may gel adheres to the shoes and socks, please note.

    ● Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature location, please keep in a cool place if possible.

    ● When you want to use in young children, the original guardian of monitoring, please enough attention.

    ※ This product is not a drug. Is a sheet to cool by using the heat of vaporization of water.

  • Ingredients

  • Lavender oil, sage oil, rosemary oil, lemon oil, orange oil (perfume), polysorbate 80, L- menthol, paraben, edetate salt blend

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