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Kyusoku Jikan Moisturizing Heel Gel Sheets (8 Sheets)

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These moisturizing gel sheets transform rough, dry heels into smooth, supple feet overnight!

Fruit acid targets and smooths rough skin while jojoba oil and darbiea extract offers moisture in this unique, flower-shaped gel sheet that conforms perfectly to fit your heel.

The gel works all night long, so you just apply it before bed and wake up to new feet!

Relax with the soothing scent of lavender and marigold.

* The packaging has been renewed but ingredients remain the same.

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  • Product Use

    1. please first remove the transparent film of the star sheet (it is certain aspects of the irregularities). 2. The heel and knee anxious part of Please put as hit in the center of the star sheet. 3. After you have stuck overnight, please peel off the next morning. * A bath, please put on before going to sleep. * Film is not peeled off at a time, stick to the heel and knees from the peel to half, you stick them clean and peel off the rest little by little.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Water, glycerin, polyacrylic acid, cellulose gum, polyacrylic acid Na, jojoba oil, brown algae extract, betaine, tocopherol acetate, glycolic acid, polysorbate 80, (hydroxide / carbonate) (Mg / Al), methylparaben, propylparaben, EDTA-2Na, perfume, red No. 102 * fruit acids: glycolic acid, Dabi rear extract: brown algae extract

  • Precautions

    ● scratch on the skin, swelling, when there is a rash and abnormal, please do not use. ● If the redness, itching or skin abnormalities appear, discontinue use, to bring the goods, please consult your doctor. ● your use of this product, function and on hygiene, please as a one-time one. ● Repeated re-paste, is sticking it will be bad, please avoid as much as possible. Also, if you are wet with sweat, it will be bad is sticking, please use the well blowing. ● When the base dries, because the moisturizing effect, adhesive strength will be reduced, the unused portion is placed in the bag, tightly folded open mouth, so please sheet is not exposed to the outside air. ● If you wear shoes while put a sheet on the heel, that it may base is attached to the shoes and socks, please note. ● Depending on the state of the skin, the seat of the base is, but it may remain on the skin, washed off if, you can easily fall. ● Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature location, please keep in a cool place if possible. ● Please do not place out of reach of infants.

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