Okamoto condoms mortar uniformity 0.02EX

Okamoto condoms mortar uniformity 0.02EX

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  • Product Introduction

    In 3-point measurement method of ISO provisions is a condom that achieves 0.02 millimeter base.
    Rubber without smell, latex allergy also considered, using a water-based polyurethane material. Standard type of 12
    12pcs. Medical Equipment Management.

    It feels good! A mortar of uniform soft.
    Regular size
    1. world's first! Uniform mortar of 0.02 mm board (our research).
    2. Clarity of the more visible through the skin.
    3. Because of the heat it is easily transmitted material, and fit soft at body temperature.
    4. Use a water-based polyurethane in consideration of the environment.
    5. Rubber peculiar smell There is no.
    6. It can also be used with confidence towards the latex allergy.
    7. This is useful with the front and rear identification function at the time of mounting.

  • Product Use

    Remarks condoms on the edge of the individual wrapping immediately prior to use, is taken out so that scratches do not adhere.
    Put from a good look at both sides on top of the glans.
    While suppressing so that air can not enter, it puts to the root.
    ※ It is convenient with both sides discrimination function at the time of mounting.

  • Materials / Ingredients

    Condom body + lubricant

  • Precautions

    ● This product, please use Read the instruction manual Always.
    ● proper use of condoms, contraception is effective, and reduces the risk of infection in many other sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, but it does not guarantee 100% of the effect.
    ● This product is a natural rubber latex as a raw material. Natural rubber, itching, redness, hives, swelling, fever, breathing difficulties, asthma-like symptoms, drop in blood pressure, may cause allergic symptoms such as shock.
    ● remains were placed in the packaging, please keep in a cool, dark place. Also, do not store together with volatile substances such as insect repellents.
    ● condom is the use of one-time.

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